Riway Now Brings Anti-bacterial Wipes at Cost Effective Prices

our main products are baby wipes, medical wipes, cosmetic wipes, industrial wipes, personal care wipes.

Online PR News – 08-February-2015 – Wilmington,Delaware – Riway now brings anti-bacterial wipes at cost effective prices. The company is a manufacturer and wholesaler of superlative quality anti-bacterial wipes. These wipes are designed in order to protect the user from infections that they are exposed to. Antibacterial wipes are excellent to be used for all types of cleansing and moisturizing. Riway Groups create antibacterial wipes with superlative quality materials such as spunlace non-woven fabrics that thoroughly cleanse the face and other parts of the body with ease. This antibacterial wipes are excellent to be used in tours and outdoors where water and soap are not available instantly. Open can use them for instant cleaning and have clear skin within few minutes.

Riway’s antibacterial wipes are also used for sanitation purpose. Cleaning with these wipes make sure that the user is free from any germs or other microbes. It has disinfectant substances that kills the germs and microbes and thus halt their entry inside the human body. Apart from domestic usages, this easy to use wipes are used in hospitals, clinics, restaurants, offices and other commercial places. The company completely ensures their clients that their antibacterial wipes contain no harmful chemicals and it is absolutely hygienic. Apart from the hygiene factor, their antibacterial wipes are also environmentally friendly as they are biodegradable which means that the wipes are degraded naturally and does not harm the environment in any way.

Riway creates non-woven wipes for versatile usages. With them one will get non-woven towels that are used for baby wipes, medical wipes, sanitary wipes and many more. The company uses high end technology for creating non-woven towels. The company bring into use non-woven machine for creating non-woven towels for medical and cosmetic industry. Their non-woven towels are created with all natural fabrics and do not contain any harmful chemicals that harms the human body.

In addition to the antibacterial wipes and non-woven towels, the company also supplies a host of products which includes wet wipes, dry wipes, spunlace, special fiber fabric, thermal bond, needle punch and many more that are bio friendly.

Taking more about their products, one of the representatives stated, “The antibacterial wipe has powerful anti-bacterial and disinfectant, which can be used for all types of cleaning and moisturizing. This antibacterial wipe is made out of quality spunlace nonwoven fabric, has 1pc-20pcs convenience packaging for travel. And, the wet tissue can be used for daily purpose, such as hands cleaning and face cleaning, it's sanitary and lint free. Antibacterial wipe are supposed to kill bacteria. The surface cleaner used in hospitals, but also in germphobic households, can spread methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aurous when used across more than one surface.”

About the Riway:

Riway Non-Woven Industrial Co. Ltd was founded in 2000. The company is manufacturer and exporter of non-woven products and have wide client base that ranges from varied sectors. The company is now also venturing in creating and supplying non-woven machinery, non-woven raw materials and non-woven end products. Apart from great products, the company also strives to satisfy their clients in the arena of professional and individual products, competitive prices and turnkey solutions. Riway owe varied technical equipment’s and technology and varied testing methods. The company works with highly dedicated and professional team who are ardent on creating innovative products.

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