Hindi movies online New look

moovyshoovy.com , the fast growing online hindi movie site has changed its look. Do you like the new look? Or did you prefer the old one?

Online PR News – 03-September-2009 – – The online hindi movie website http://www.moovyshoovy.com came up with a new fresh look this month. The website which allows visitors to watch tons of movies in Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu and other Indian languages, earlier had no imagery, no pictures. But it now boasts of photographs of Indian actors, Indian actresses, and also plenty of pictures of hindi movie posters.

"Cosmetic changes were long overdue, but we initially concentrated on making the site more functional and user friendly." said Sindhu who is one of the webmasters of http://www.moovyshoovy.com and mainly looks after the Hindi movies and Malayalam movies section. The website, in a very short span of time attracted a huge amount of visitors, mainly because of the simplicity of the site, the huge quantity of free Indian movies available, and also the ease of use which most visitors have appreciated.

Some of the most appreciated features of http://moovyshoovy.com - hindi online movie site are :
1 . Excellent search feature. Allows users to search for movies by movie name, actor names, director names, and even music director names.
2. Very large collection of Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and other Indian movies.
3. Old movies as well as new movies can be watched free.
4. Alphabetical ordering of movies allows users to quickly find the hindi movie they are looking for.
5. Frequent updates of both new as well as old hindi movies, and other Indian movies.
6. Quickly find movies from any year of release.