Trail Mix-it-Yourself

New partnership in Old Sacramento (CA) offers wholesome snacks

Online PR News – 19-August-2010 – – SACRAMENTO, CA –– August 18, 2010 –– Two Sacramento-area businesses are teaming up to let folks put just the ingredients they really like into a bag of trail mix. It’s a fun, tasty and wholesome concept.

Call it trail mix-it-yourself.

Moreover, it’s ridiculously easy to remember where to go to get this personalized treat: a store called in Old Sacramento at 116 B I Street, across from the Railroad Museum.

Sara and Michael Barlow own and operate the store, which is named after their highly successful web business. They’ve always carried small packages of trail mix but their emporium focuses on helping parents create outdoor educational adventures for their children. Gear like backpacks, telescopes and geocaching capsules have always taken precedence over snacks.

Enter Rachelle Gayton of Davis and Cressy Oneto of Rocklin, partners in a home-based company that offers various trail mix ingredients separately so that people can custom blend their snacks. The goodies are in clear jars with spouts that release about 1 ounce per turn. Everything is mounted on a wooden wagon that easily transports to county fairs, sporting events and the like. They call the company Happy Trails Mix.

Gayton and Oneto, whose business aims to provide healthy alternatives to 'sticky finger' snacks, learned of the store earlier this year.

“We said ‘This is a perfect fit for our product,’” recalls Oneto. She soon visited the shop and pitched the idea of parking a Happy Trails Mix wagon inside. The Barlows loved it.

The concept of mix-your-own trail mix appealed to them, especially since Gayton and Oneto had experience getting the proper food-related permits and insurance. Plus, the display wagon matched the store’s down-to-earth feel.

So Happy Trails Mix moved into – a natural pairing to say the least.

Customers can choose among 14 types of nuts, brightly colored dried fruit, granola, yogurt-covered pretzels and a couple of sweet items – 'just a little sugar,' Oneto conceded. The price is 75 cents an ounce. Gayton says that they buy solely from local purveyors because the ingredients are fresher and come with small-business friendly contracts.

Mike Barlow notes that the partners share more than similar company names.

They’re all focused on kids, enjoy outdoor recreation and have healthy-eating habits.

“Sara and I have always thought that healthy snacks could be popular in Old Sac if you could offer a good variety with appealing product display,” he says. That’s now in place. Take a look:
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