55Printing.com Recommends Using Door Hangers To Create A Huge Surge In Business For All Businesses

people and small business owners tend to forget the importance of direct communication with the customer and how a simple door hanger...

Online PR News – 06-February-2015 – Los Angeles, California – 55Printing.com is an online based printing agency that is said to have the best prices in the business for everything from Cheap door hangers to Business Cards. Door Hangers have been a bit of a controversial topic with some nay-sayers wanting to see them gone, while other intuitive business owners want to see more, which indicates a thriving economy and a pivot back to traditional advertising methods.

Thanks everyone at the 55 printing team for making my business successful. I owe it to you guys.

It seems that the truth is that a door hanger can no longer be left out of any advertising campaign, simply because they have the ability to directly contact the customer. During a recent press conference, the company spokesperson for 55Printing.com was quoted as saying, "Smart business owners are embracing traditional and non-traditional forms of advertising to reach as large an audience as possible. That means a mix of social media and a mix of traditional forms of direct mail like flyers and/or cheap door hangers."

55Printing.com is a bit of a unique printing company because they offer such a large selection of template items that include custom printed products as well. At such reasonable pricing, it is easy to see how an entrepreneur on a tight budget can rely on them. According to their website, they have over 12-years of experience in marketing and design.

We were able to catch up with a recent customer of 55Printing.com, and Pete Jones had this to say: "Thanks everyone at the 55 printing team for making my business successful. I owe it to you guys." In response to this glowing review, 55Printing.com came out to say, "All of us at 55Printing.com have always looked for ways to reduce overhead and create a superior product, enabling us to pass that savings on to our customers."

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