Party like a Pagan in Bonoboville for “LUPERCALIA” The Original Valentine’s Day

Saturday Night, February 14th
Party like a Pagan in Bonoboville for
The Original Valentine’s Day

Online PR News – 06-February-2015 – Los Angeles, CA – “Long before ‘50 Shades of Grey,’ there was lusty Lupercalia in red. And it’s coming back!” –Susan Block, Ph.D.

Saturday night, February 14th, HBO sexologist and Bonobo Way author Dr. Susan Block, will celebrate LUPERCALIA, the original pagan Valentine’s Day, at her world-famous studio and “Speakeasy” in a charming old converted motel, surrounded by beautiful erotic art, romantic balconies, state-of-the-art sex toys, Juxleather Lupercalian whips and floggers, an OPEN BAR and an Aphrodisiac Buffet in the Garden of Earthly Delights called “Bonoboville” LA.

RSVP: Call 310-568-0066.

“The idea of honoring exclusive, expensive, romantic love on Valentine’s Day is a relatively new invention,” explains Dr. Block. “But the tradition of celebrating all-inclusive, free and natural lust around February 14 pre-dates classical times when prehistoric Romans put on the LUPERCALIA, a festival of Faunus (the Roman Pan), communal pleasures, purification, fertility, the rush of hormones, the howl of the wolf, the crack of the whip and the coming of Spring. That is what we’re going to celebrate this February 14th.”

Valentine/Lupercalia in Bonoboville LA is open to couples and singles. Special celebrity guests include Miley Cyrus erotica double Miley May & poly partner Brett Ravage, AVN Hall of Famer Alana Evans & hubby Scott Evans, Haley Sweet & Dark Phoenix + “Lupercalian Angels” Amor Hilton & Ron Jeremy, pop singer Jessica Shores, Rainey Lane, JuxLii & more TBA.

“If the hard-candy hype, pressure and commercialism of Valentine's Day is giving you a toothache, consider joining us for the un-sugar-coated and delicious holiday of Lupercalia,” says Dr. Suzy. “Better to have your buns beaten (consensually, of course) than your heart broken. And speaking of the quintessential symbol of V-Day, doesn’t that so-called ‘heart’ looks a lot less like the cardiac organ than a well-whipped derriere?”

Looking for the perfect present? Give the Gift of Love from the Love Apes! Give The Bonobo Way for Valentine’s Day—or Lupercalia. A portion of all proceeds go to help save the real “love apes,” the highly endangered bonobos, from extinction.

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