Piano Lessons for Summer Vacation?

Teacher, Author and Composer Edward Weiss Turns Those Sweltering Summer Doldrums Into Cool Playing Melodies

Online PR News – 19-August-2010 – – For those of us spending our vacations staying closer to home this year, there are still novel ways for having both fun and excitement.

Music lover Edward Weiss has the perfect suggestion: Learn to play the piano – and compose your own music!

Now, before you think he’s taken leave of his senses – here’s the story…

Edward says he can teach anyone to play piano and compose their very own New Age Music, even if they’ve never touched a musical keyboard in their life. And what’s more, he does it over the internet, from his website at http://www.NewAgePianoLessons.com

According to this musical instructor, by learning just few key chords you'll soon be enjoying the joy of musical improvisation. As Edward explains:

“Learning chords is the key. I’ve found a lot of people are actually yearning to play an instrument – especially the piano. And with my method, anyone can soon be doing it - easily and effortlessly!”

And what about composing?

“Once you know the chords, the rest comes naturally. You don’t even have to know how to read notes, though that would be an advantage. New Age Improv is something anyone can learn and do… from kids to grandparents!”

Edward’s step by step online video instructions provides everything you need – except of course the keyboard. It’s basically “Look, Listen and Learn.”

What better way to for making this summer something special, than by you and your family learning to create mystical, spirit inspired music – the timeless voice of nature itself.