Plant Stem Cells Therapy- Distance Learning Course now available

PSC Distribution LLC is now offering distance learning courses on Plant Stem Cells Therapy, a revolutionary branch of Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

Online PR News – 03-September-2009 – – Scientists have recently discovered a revolutionary breakthrough in the field of medicine which permits the body to heal itself naturally with the use of plant stem cell therapy. This type of therapy, according to researchers, have been found out to eliminate injured, infected and diseased cells and promote cell regeneration, growth and effective functioning.

PSC Distribution LLC, in its attempts to provide health practitioners with insights on the latest breakthroughs in complementary and alternative medicine, offers medical practitioners such as medical and naturopathic doctors, nurses, pharmacists, nutritionists and other health related professionals the opportunity to learn the ways of natural healing and plant stem cell regenerative therapy.

PSC Plant Stem Cells Therapy Distance Learning Course has been designed to make students learn step-by-step through a series of modules which makes them learn and apply the basic principles behind plant stem cells therapy, not only for their own health and well being but also in the lives of people around them.

This short yet detailed and comprehensive course is aimed at bringing the following:
• An understanding on how to prepare and use Plant Stem Cell extracts to heal illnesses and promote well-being, through our educational webinars and course materials
• A Materia Medica on “PLANT STEM CELL THERAPY” Regenerative Medicine, which holds the secrets to the science behind plant stem cell therapy. It contains information regarding the actions of plant stem cell therapy, phytochemistry composition of plant stem cell agents, plant growth hormones and its numerous benefits, other components of plant stem cell agents such as nucleic acids, vitamins, minerals, flavonoids and antioxidants. It discusses in detail the eco-physiology of phytoremediation, ecorestoration and phytochemicals.
• A PSC Food Bible which contains information on how to choose prepare food the healthy way and contains various recipes for the attainment of a balanced life, rejuvenation, detoxification and healing from injuries, wounds and illnesses and weight loss and maintenance.
• A Plant Stem Cells Wiki, which is a database of all the herbs being used in plant stem cells therapy, their clinical indicaindications and their phytochemical constituents. It also contains a list of the most common concentrated PSC antibacterial and antiviral phytochemicals.

The PSC Plant Stem Cells Therapy Distance Learning Course can be started at anytime during the year. Upon completion, a certificate will be granted, which will qualify graduates to practice Plant Stem Cells Therapy (for health practitioners).
Be the first practitioners of the science and art of Plant Stem Cells Therapy! Enroll now!

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