How I Raised $100K For Charity With No Fundraising Experience. Raise Money & Support For Your Cause

For those with a loved one, a community, or cause in urgent need of support and funding, this online course aims to help ordinary people make an impact.

Online PR News – 06-February-2015 – Rome, Italy – – Can one ordinary person make a difference in the world and create a massive wave of positive change? Professor Kristen Palana’s newest online course, How I Raised $100K For Charity With No Fundraising Experience answers with a resounding YES and is now live at

This course was created to empower ordinary people to plan, create, and manage their first successful online fundraising campaign even for those who have no previous fundraising experience and no idea where to start. 10% of proceeds raised will benefit active projects at Palana’s online grassroots website, Aura’s House and top-rated US charity, Children International.

Palana said, “I’ve raised over $100,000+ and counting for needy children in developing countries through my website, Aura's House as well as additional thousands for my University students through online crowd-funding platforms. I'm an artist, a college professor, a mother, a wife, an expat navigating life in a foreign country, and an all around busy person with A LOT on my plate and yet all of my fundraising activities have been done in my so-called spare time. My goal is to share what I’ve learned over the past decade about online fundraising with other ordinary people considering starting their own campaigns.”

This course retails at $29, but also comes as a free gift with another of Palana’s online courses for those looking to create and manage their own websites, Web Snax: Right-Brained Recipes For Easy Website Design. Registered students will have lifetime access to the course with a full 30 day money back guarantee and Palana is also available to answer specific questions or provide feedback along the way.

Kristen Palana is a multimedia artist and educator based in Rome, Italy and is a tenured Associate Professor of Digital Media at The American University of Rome where she also runs its Film and Digital Media Program. Kristen has taught at Universities in Rome and the NYC area since 2000 and offered art and multimedia courses in North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. She also teaches online courses at on color psychology, web design, online fundraising, and more. Her work is exhibited internationally and online and has received a number of awards, most recently Best Animated Short for her animation, This Too Shall Pass at Cannes Short Film Festival.