Integra Optics Celebrates the New Year with Expansion | Fastest Growing Companies

Integra Optics kicks off its 2015 expansion plan with a new headquarters building, increased international growth and innovative CFP 100G product launches.

Online PR News – 06-February-2015 – Latham, New York – Integra Optics, Inc., one of the fastest growing companies in the Capital Region, launches its expansion plan in support of its projected 2015 growth. 2014 was a successful year in itself, with the company opening offices across the US in states such as Minnesota, Arizona, and Colorado. It also expanded internationally, conducting business in Mexico, Chile and opening an office in Brazil. With a revenue increase of 35% and a doubling of staff, Integra Optics has strategically positioned itself for an even more successful year in 2015.

“The 2015 expansion plan is not only about widening our market reach across many territories,” says Integra Optics Chief Executive Officer David Prescott. “It’s also about setting the stage to support this growth by increasing our workforce through every department, adding new transceiver product offerings, as well as adding new offices, including a substantial expansion to our headquarters.”

Widening Territories:
Integra Optics plans to establish several more sales offices in 2015. The company’s expansion will continue in the states in which it is currently operating, beginning in the midwest and moving into additional regions throughout the year. Expansion is also planned to continue in South America, Europe and Africa. Integra Optics will hire and employ the services of local direct sellers of fiber optic and network equipment.

Growing Workforce:
In 2014 Integra Optics expanded personnel by 50% in order to support its local, national and international growth. Most recently the company aggressively expanded its executive ranks, bringing on Jeff DeWeese as Chief Operating Officer, Jean Sullivan as VP of Operations, Tom Adamec as Controller, Lou Traiforos as VP Sales and Kariann Morris as Senior Director of Marketing.
As the company continues to head into new markets, further hiring and team expansion is scheduled for 2015.

New Transceiver Products:
The fiber optic equipment market remains strong. Leading industry analysts predict the global optical transceiver market will continue its steady growth, reaching $9.9 billion by 2020. This growth is motivated by developments in 40 Gbps, 100 Gbps, and 400 Gbps devices. Considerable increases in Internet traffic, cloud computing and datacenter storage are driving forces in the shift in the communications infrastructure markets. Smaller, less expensive, and less power consumption devices are becoming desirable products.

“We see Integra Optics as being perfectly positioned for growth, as more service providers and datacenters are looking to reduce costs while also using a smaller device that has less power consumption,” said Jeff DeWeese, COO of Integra Optics. “The optics industry is growing rapidly, and we will continue to strategically open new channels to meet the demand.”
2015 will see Integra Optics continuing to move ahead with its development of new transceiver products that meet market demand. There are many new products slated for launch this year, the first of which will be Integra Optics’ 100G CFP products, including LR4 and SR10, expected to be released from beta and into general availability early 2015.

Substantial Expansion of Headquarters:
The company recently committed to leasing the 11,000sq hangar office located right next door to its current headquarters on the Albany, NY International Airport campus. This new location is expected to be complete by April, 2015. The expansion will be home to new team members needed to accommodate the Company’s expected growth, and will allow for more inventory and shipment room and give the company opportunity to further streamline operational processes.

Integra Optics’ customers currently purchase fiber optic transceivers from the company based on two major purchasing criteria; its economical pricing and its distinguishing responsiveness; including fast delivery of product, high-end personal support of product and intense quality control. Expanding our territories, increasing staff and opening new offices ensures Integra Optics can maintain their level of quality of service to new and current customers.