Guitarist Denis Taaffe Complete His 148th Album!!!

Prolific Guitarist Denis Taaffe Completes & Releases His 148th Full Length Album!!!

Online PR News – 19-August-2010 – – Website:
Many musicians have been called prolific, but that would be an understatement when it comes to Bloomington, IN based guitarist Denis Taaffe.The independent solo guitarist has just completed and released his 148th album entitled Modern Rock Guitar Vol.148 "Electrodynamics" which is available on CD exclusively at

Denis uses electric guitar , guitar loops done on the fly, bass emulations on guitar, drum samples, drum machines & other samples to create an instrumental music style that is his own. Interestingly, All of Denis's tracks are recorded & performed live with no additional overdubs and more astonishing is that all of his tracks are improvised on the spot."Well, when I began using guitar loops done on the fly, it really changed my approach to guitar and music in general.I realized that I was no longer constrained to worked out material, but that I could improvise not only within a composition, but I could improvise the composition itself. Also, as I was one person performing, improvisation was a great way to be able to guide a composition in the musical direction I wanted it to go in.I just got used to recording and performing that way and now find conventional worked out material to be somewhat boring." Denis states.Wether improvised or not, the tracks on his latest album show a polished flowing instrumental style and a listener would be hard pressed to know that Denis was improvising this material on the spot.

148 albums, all full length and all consisting of new material is quite a feet and may seem a gimmick to some however as Denis explains, he views albums much as a painter's paintings."well,I was told once that I paint with guitar and is some ways that is quite accurate. to me, an album is very much like a painter';s painting with its own themes, colors & textures and creates moods and atmosphere's.A painter usually has several paintings and I view albums as a musician's paintings.It should not be just a collection of song. But each track should add to and enhance the overall theme of an album." Denis states.

To listen to a Denis Taaffe album is really to enter a musical world that Denis has carefully crafted with musical landscapes and swirling musical sky's and musical storms at times."Well, I am always surprised at the themes that emerge from one album to the next and the moods and atmosphere's they create. In reality, my albums are as if I was writing a long saga about a mysterious world that only exists within the music. In other words it is kind of a musical world and each album adds to it." Denis mentions.

Denis is already hard at work on his 149th album and will reach a milestone within this year of creating 150 full length albums.One would think that he may be rushing to complete the next album to reach his goal, but surprisingly that is not the case."well, I really do take my time with each album and can not rush them or it just doesn't work. When improvising and playing and recording, I really need to be inspired and that seems to come and go.I can't rush an album or I wont get the musical results I want.Recording live and not adding additional overdubs allows to me work at a comfortable pace in any case" Denis states.

Denis may have his own approach to guitar and recording, but it is the music he creates which may be the most note worthy.