iWire365 Specializes in Complete SCADA Industrial Control Systems

iWire365 is a leading network infrastructure provider based in Richardson, Texas.

Online PR News – 05-February-2015 – 700 North Glenville Drive, Suite 700, Richardson, TX 75081 – offering complete SCADA industrial control systems. With this advanced system, the company is said to address all of the automation needs of their clients. According to the company, such work is flawlessly done by their highly skilled and vastly experienced radio frequency (RF) engineers and their supporting technology experts.

iWire365 specializes in network installation and maintenance solutions with an objective to reduce costs and save time to carry out their clients’ business operations. As automation in gathering and utilizing data is essential for most businesses in all industries, the solutions offered by iWire365 have received accolades from their clients. In particular, the SCADA industrial control systems deployed by this network infrastructure provider to its clients have helped them enhance efficiency leading to significant revenues. Despite the complex and time-consuming design of these automation systems, the company has been able to implement them on time for all of their projects.

iWire365 specializes in wireless telemetry backhaul systems used in SCADA applications. These are used with SCADA telemetry networks to control various components, but they need to be configured as per the client’s needs, and this is where the expertise of RF engineers comes into play. The metering devices, PLCs, sensors and the host computer are deployed as per specific technical requirements.

The company has been successful in utilizing sophisticated devices used in SCADA networks such as Ethernet IP or RS-232 serial. They are able to account for complexities such as low throughput speeds in the “polling architecture” on which most of the SCADA systems are set up. All forms of telemetry radios can be used for specific needs of different projects. This includes licensed microwave wireless comprising of VHF, 900 MHz MAS, UHF or licensed WiMax 2.5 GHz or with 700 MHz LTE.

Unlicensed wireless such as WiMax, 900 MHz, or point to multipoint 5.8 GHz wireless backhaul spectrums is also utilized by iWire365 for different purposes. For enabling automation, the capability of migrating IP based serial systems to networks based on Ethernet IP is a must and this wireless networking service provider has mastery over it. They are able to deliver all of the advantages of using IP-based architecture such as remote access, migration to data network monitoring, convergence of several IP based devices into one platform, centralization, POE and many others.

For all the automation needs of their clients, iWire365 has been able to provide the required technical and engineering expertise. Whether the clients need complete turnkey solutions or just assistance for operation and maintenance, the company is said to have fulfilled the client’s expectations. The company’s spokesperson re-emphasizes that all the automation needs in various industrial applications can be met by their trained, skilled and seasoned professionals who have excelled in many projects until date.

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