Flee Bird the new addictive game launched in Apple App Store

The popular game Flee Bird is being re-introduced with its latest version to take the world by storm

Online PR News – 05-February-2015 – United States of America – The App Store is hit with new games every now and then. The recent upgrade to its single platform game is the Flee Bird that deals with the excitement and adventure of bird that claims to travel who various levels collecting coins and diamonds. The game is based on the IOS platform and runs on both iPhones and iPads.

Developed by Dana Mallano the 1.1 version is an upgradable feature of the previous version with fixed bug issues. The game has been downloaded many times from the masses from its date of launching in the market. It was updated on the 14th of July 2014 to meet with the increasing demands of its last version.

The users are wowed by its deepest of level features as it is circled around a very basic yet innovative idea. The bird is required to fly by tapping the screen of the user phone. What makes it stand apart is its touch pad technique that is controlled by tapping the screen in a harder way to make the bird fly higher and gently touch it to make the bird elevate lower. The game is also fixed with infinity coins and diamonds that need to be collected flying the bird. The bird is also restricted with in-game features like planes and bombs that are targeted at the bird to hinder its flight. This action makes the game all the more exciting and addictive.

The game is built on a small memory of 17.0 MB only and requires the basic IOS 5.0 or later. This feature makes it possible for playing even for the users of the older models of iPhone and iPad. The game runs in an English version keeping the majority parts of the language understood. The game also has in-app purchases that can be collected with the use of credit cards to buy coins in excess. These coins are actually used for unlocking features and items as the game progresses for higher levels. The bird is also given to chance to eat fruits while the game is on as these fruits add up to higher points.

The game is rated 4+ and can be played by all age groups. The game also does not take up too much of the device charge due to its low memory and dimensions. The game can be played for free without the requirements of additional internet or wi-fi access. The upgraded version is been reviewed with better remarks from its former version that makes up for its improved features. The game is ideal for the frequent travelers who can kill their boredom by playing the game for hours.