RE/MAX Gujarat Unfastens the Real Sides of Real Estate Negotiation Skills

RE/MAX Gujarat’s Online Sessions focusing on Real Estate Negotiation Skills - Very Useful to Property Agents, Brokers, Franchise Owners and Professionals

Online PR News – 05-February-2015 – Ahmedabad – Negotiation Skills as being the most inevitable tool to learn impart much of importance to the Real Estate Industry. RE/MAX Gujarat, the leading real estate player, conveys its best knowledge on it. To the property professionals, the marketing skills are likely a real jewel to be dressed with and expect much success!

RE/MAX Gujarat’s this week’s online training (4th February 2015, Wednesday) was conducted by its franchise development manager, Pranav Pandya. The subject is about enhancing one’s Negotiation Skills including several facts:

To many of us as the real estate agents, brokers or franchise owners, the negotiation rather seems like only the tool of selling or buying the properties. Prices remain in the core area. True! But, it is more than the financial part involved in the whole process. Proper negotiation includes all aspects that affect the client’s every facet of social and economical concerns. Ethical part while dealing with the properties plays a vital role too.

Create Opportunities to be Accepted!


Negotiation is Really a Skill to Learn -

Politely, yet firmly spoken words affect the clients. An information delivered genuinely and at the time when it is really needed makes the process easy and worthwhile. The way you deal with property buyers or sellers including your posture, interaction patterns and other sorts is certainly important. Such skills were unwrapped to great introduction in this training.

Make the Offer Most Suitable For Sale

Give your best dealing the properties within the reality. Tools that can help to close buyer’s acceptance were deeply explained. After all, it is to genuinely fulfill what your buyers or sellers actually want from you to boost your sale.

Communication to the Clients Straightforward

Talk to the buyers or sellers instead of going with someone else being in the process and dealing on behalf. Make the deal as transparent as possible. Negotiate the issues right away before approaching the bottom part of the process. It removes dark sides of the process that may end up with many misunderstood stuffs later.

Avoid Unethical Hurry

Many of us try to pressurize the clients by simply not letting them think much about their deals and forcing them to close the deal hurriedly. It can impart many of your clients bouncing off you with negative images. Instead, give them sufficient room to get convinced with the best offer you have. They would really appreciate it.

Never Make an Insulting Price

Getting the best price out of the market uncompromising the actual market trends is just best to convince your clients. They would feel contented and get quickly prompted for property deals.

Don’t Overrun the Closing Time

Deal with the property within the right time frame, not overstretching or tearing it apart. It is vital to sell or buy the properties at the time they are actually needed to be dealt with.

Moreover, the session also laid great focus on how to create the counter offer as well as the incentives that the sellers can offer to buyers. There was a lot more to learn from too. RE/MAX Gujarat’s insights on Negotiation Skills were truly of great market values!