Treksavvy Inc. Launches Revolutionary Travel Website

Treksavvy Inc. launches a revolutionary travel website powered by the knowledge of local experts.

Online PR News – 05-February-2015 – Los Angeles, California – Treksavvy Inc. launches its travel website, The launch marks a first for travel websites. Until now, travel websites have relied on content generated by their users, a practice called crowdsourcing. takes a different approach. It employs staff who live in the travel destinations they cover.

"Crowdsourcing is an inexpensive way for websites to generate content but it has major limitations, especially for travel sites.  As a life-long traveler, I discovered that the best advice on where to stay, what to see, and where to eat always came from locals, people who lived in the places I was visiting, not from other tourists." - Myles Lank, co-founder Treksavvy Inc. presents its travel information using a witty but uniform style with the goal of making vacation planning enjoyable as well as effective.

"Our users will spend less time planning and have better travel experiences." - Myles Lank launches in two phases. The first launches today and allows users to browse travel destinations, hotels, restaurants, and activities and save them to their "bucketlist."

The next phase, due for launch in Q2 2015, will allow users to plan trips around the places and activities they saved to their bucketlist. It will feature trip building tools unique to

"Our goal at Treksavvy is to empower users to build the best vacations possible and have fun doing it. Our Trip Planning tool is the final piece needed to fulfill that goal. It's a another Treksavvy game changer." - Myles Lank opens to the public on February 6, 2015. Users can browse a select group of travel destinations, hotels, activities, and eateries with new content to follow throughout 2015.