Parrish Law Firm, PLLC Announces Their Report on Insurance Companies Caught Hiding Evidence

Parrish Law Firm announces their Report Caught in the Act: Insurance Companies Caught Hiding Evidence

Online PR News – 05-February-2015 – Manassas, Virginia – My Name is Jim Parrish and I am a Personal Injury Attorney located in Manassas, Virginia. I decided to write this Special Report to expose the “dirty tactics” being used by insurance companies and defendants in personal injury cases.

As a bit of background information, the insurance industry has spent millions (maybe billions) of dollars over the last several years successfully brainwashing the general public to believe that people who make personal injury claims are lazy, good for nothing men and women just looking for a “free ride” and “easy money”. In fact, the insurance companies will go to almost any length to prevent you from successfully pursuing your claim.

I know this because I used to defend insurance companies and worked intimately with everyone in the insurance industry from adjusters to corporate "bigwigs."

I used to lecture to insurance professionals to help them more successfully settle claims for small amounts or deny claims altogether.

I wrote articles for insurance/risk management companies.
I even graduated from the International Association of Defense Counsel trial academy!
However, after a while, it became clear to me that the results I was achieving (and yes, I was very good at protecting the insurance money from those injured folks) were not fair or just. I began to see that many good people were being taken advantage of by the insurance industry.

So I decided to take these cases on behalf of people opposing the insurance companies and use my “knowledge of insurance company’s tactics” to the benefit of my clients.

(The following facts are based directly on a case prosecuted by James R. Parrish, but for purposes of privacy, the real names of persons involved have been removed.)

Recently, I had the privilege of representing a young man (“the client”) who had been terribly injured as an innocent bystander in a restaurant brawl.

When I presented the client’s claim to the insurance company for the restaurant, the claim was summarily rejected with a firm denial of any responsibility or wrongdoing. Of course this denial was no surprise because insurance companies behave this way in nearly every personal injury case.
I then filed a lawsuit on behalf of the client against the restaurant in order to prove that the restaurant was liable, or at fault, for the client’s injuries.

The insurance company for the restaurant defended the case in Court and tried every tactic imaginable to avoid the truth from being revealed and to have the case “thrown out”.
Based on information I learned from inside the insurance industry, I quickly spotted irregularities and falsehoods in the restaurant’s Court filings. This was a sure sign that evidence was being hidden.
When I confronted the restaurant with its unacceptable behavior, it continued on its path of denial and basically dared me to try and prove that it was concealing evidence. So I filed multiple motions in Court and revealed their unscrupulous and illegal actions.

Ultimately the Court found that the insurance-backed-restaurant had been untruthful in its Court papers and was guilty of hiding evidence. In fact the Court was so appalled by the “dirty tricks” I uncovered that it even sanctioned the restaurant and ordered it to pay fines.
I hope that after you have the chance to read this Special Report, that you better understand the lengths to which the insurance industry will go in order to hide the truth and avoid acceptance of responsibility.

I further hope that you understand the need for lawyers like myself who will stand up to the insurance companies to defend the rights of people hurt due to negligent, illegal and unacceptable behavior.

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