Top Business School In Kolkata BIBS Organizes USP Contest

The most challenging event of the year- "The Ultimate Start-up Plan", A Business Plan Presentation Competition.

Online PR News – 05-February-2015 – Kolkata – BIBS is the premier management institution in Kolkata and has now come up with a unique USP or Ultimate Startup Plan competition in which different startup plans for various businesses are going to be presented and then put up for analysis to the panel of five judges who will then decide the winning entry. The importance of a business plan which can change the fortunes of a business can never be underestimated and this unique venture will not only foster a healthy competition among the students but will also give them a chance to think creatively and out of the box so that they can achieve great heights in their chosen domains.
Management Education creates Entrepreneurs:
It is very well known that management education aims to create entrepreneurs and not salaried employees and this is the only way in which there can be a spurt in the number of businesspeople. Thus, a solid and effective business plan is the only thing that can help people to do business in the most effective way so that they can start up their own businesses.
It also confirms the age old adage that management leaders are made and they are not born. This is because management leaders have to make extensive use of their business plans so that they can help the business grow to great heights and achieve the highest levels of profitability.
It is through such endeavours that BIBS aims to create entrepreneurs in the field of global business. This effort has helped in cementing its position as the most committed business school of India. This is how we can come to the conclusion that management education creates entrepreneurs.
A Note on The Judges:
The panel of judges consists of five members who are experts in the field of finance and commerce. They have experience of more than 30 years and know exactly how to identify a successful business plan form the plethora of students. This gives them the opportunity to filter out candidates based on their skills and innovativeness in vision. A couple of members of the jury have even turned around businesses that were running in losses and have now helped them convert these businesses into highly lucrative and successful ones.
Tips by Two Judges:
According to Sanjay Mansukhani, a good business plan includes a taste of the real world, it should be innovative in order to grab attention at the very first phase and most importantly, one should have an idea of the target customers and the competitors. He suggests that students should not take much time in the presentation, it should be concise and to the point so that the entire plan is understood in a few minutes.
Rahul Upadhyay, who is one of the other judges, also gives his insights. He says that a good business plan must include a mission statement, the team, the key aspect of your business, detailed market analysis, market penetration strategy, sound financial plan and exit strategy.
The Six Finalists:
The six finalists of the USP competition vary from a paying guest accommodation service to a crèche meant for toddlers. There is also a stain cleaning service, a mobile home, sports services and help for the visually impaired.
BIBS Your Destination for Management Studies:
This unique competition that has been organized by Bibs has gone a long way in ensuring its supremacy among the business schools and this has made it the most preferred destination for management studies. These activities are both educational as well as entertaining and go a long way in ensuring the all round and holistic development of people who seek to become successful managers and leaders.