School students from Grade IV-XII can now test their life skills proficiency by participating in ‘International Skills Olympiad’.

Online PR News – 05-February-2015 – Gurgaon/Haryana – Skillizen, a Singapore headquartered social education venture, today announced the launch of “International Skills Olympiad”.

International Skills Olympiad will be testing of critical life skills using real world scenario based questions. This will be held across the world on the 17th of December 2015. International Skills Olympiad will give an opportunity for the world-wide students to test their life skills and can also wins exciting prizes!

This life skills test will focus on assessing skills and competencies currently missing in school curriculums, but are indispensable for future citizens of 21st century in their personal and professional lives.

Typical questions will be based on real life scenarios that will test young students on essential life skills like leadership, ethics, teamwork, negotiation, empathy, interpersonal communication, goal setting and many more.

Aimed at young citizens from Grade IV to XII, this exam is built around the Skillizen Curriculum, the world’s 1st Life Skills Curriculum. The curriculum covers a wide range of 25 critical skill sets and follows a unique pedagogy that administers even the most complex skills in a manner that even 6 year young kid can playfully master such skills.

Launching the International Skills Olympiad, Mr. Sidharth Tripathy, Founder & CEO of Skillizen said, “The children of 21st century need a whole range of critical Life Skills to engage, manage and lead the world.” He further added “While preparing for this test, young minds in grade IV-XII will acquire life skills and calibrate their skills level against the most skilled young brains of the world.”

Announcing this event, Mr. Tripathy said, “Skillizen was founded during my masters level work at Harvard University in the summer of 2011. International Skills Olympiad will give an opportunity for the most skilled children in world-wide and these children will win many exciting prizes

For more information on registration OR to enroll, kindly visit - Skillizen ISO webpage.