“Enjoy Music Beats with Luke Adissou”

We are group of friends is turning to the Internet to raise funds for their Musical Album Project, DREAMER.

Online PR News – 04-February-2015 – New York – We are group of friends is turning to the Internet to raise funds for their Musical Album Project, DREAMER. With funding as the first major obstacle to getting any ALBUM off the ground, current economic conditions don't make the job any easier. Singers and Artists have to become more innovative in their fundraising tactics, and the talented youngsters have embraced sites like Indiegogo.com.

My name is Luke Adissou and I am from Togo. I spent most of my life in New York City and I have been doing music for many years now. I am currently working as an engineer for Make Entertainment out here in Syracuse, NY and I feel more than ever now ready to launch my own label and move forward with my plans. Before I can start this I need resources which I currently do not have so this is one of the main reasons why I am working on this album through which I can make enough money to invest in that project. I have worked on a lot of projects mainly as an Engineer and a couple of projects as a producer. My goal has always been to bring great music to everyone and through this album I will do exactly that and in the near future hopefully I will bring the right people together to create the type of music i love to hear. Music has given me so much and I plan on showing my appreciation to the people through my work and this album is only the start of my projects as I hope to accomplish so much through the success of this album.

But lack of finance makes their talent hidden. And when we came to know about the crowdfunding platforms, who supported to share creative idea with big crowd and persons who are interested and ready to support to make someone’s dreams live. They planned to go for this option to get supporters.

Support us to raise enough money to produce first album off and to get studio equipments. The Album will be a 12 tracks album and our focus for this album will be solely based on World music. The money raised will go into not only the equipment cost but also the other artists that performed. The Hip Hop Raps of ours would thrill you the time you listen to us.

I loved every minute of it I loved it so much that I along with three of my closest friends who I started this journey with many years ago decided to invest in ourselves. We worked hard saved some money and invested into small equipment that can allow us to produce our own music. This campaign is coming soon on Indiegogo. You can get more details about this at http://bit.ly/1F1DFVV