Kitopia Inc. Strategizes To Unveil A New Mobile Application

Kitopia Inc. New Strategy to Unveil A Mobile App For Digital Growth.

Online PR News – 04-February-2015 – Hartford/CT – Kitopia Inc. New Strategy to Unveil A Mobile App For Digital Growth.

Kitopia Inc. has announced the plans to release multiple mobile applications in the second quarter of 2015. The company believes that the next phase of health information will be delivered through interactive mobile apps for Android, IOS and Windows platforms. The team to create the mobile applications have been set up already. They are currently involved in consultations on how the applications will be created and distributed.

According to Christine Cutter, the company's Chief Executive, the company will use the applications to deliver tailor made solutions to its clients.

"This is a new phase that the company is taking. With our new apps, we hope to improve our engagement with the clients. Our clients now have an added platform to transact business with us. It will be possible for a client to place an order of the Spiral Vegetable Slicer through the apps. In fact, the first phase of the project has been completed with the new website."

To cater for all people, the developers will release apps on 3 mobile operating systems. They will also be customized for smartphones and tablets as well. In this strategy, the company aims to capture billions of people who use smartphones and tablets.

The company which manufactures healthy kitchen products such as the Safe Skins Vegetable Slicer and the Nut Milk Bag also announced that the new website will feature quality content. The content is already in the website.

These news further solidify the company's earlier announcement of a positive outlook in 2015. In January, the company released its new outlook for 2015 where it predicted growth. To achieve the growth, the company laid down a number of strategies including social media and internet marketing. Therefore, the launch of the new mobile applications and website emphasize on the importance of the company's outlook. The new applications are expected to be created, tested and released by the second quarter.

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