Viking AT Unveils Another Piezo First

Introducing the Fastest Cycling Dispensing Valve Actuator in the World - Viking AT

Online PR News – 04-February-2015 – Sarasota, FL – Viking AT, the makers of ViVa® piezo precision actuators and valves, announced today the unveiling of their ViVa® 12mm actuator. This new and exciting high-tech piezoelectric actuator can run with incredible speed and diversity, and can easily be modified to fit most gas valve applications that currently use a solenoid or voice coil, both of which have been limiting valve capability. Today, the ViVa 12mm has been tested to drive a liquid dispensing valve with 1,000 drops per second with exceptional accuracy and superior control. In another current application, this new actuator has been driving an experimental cam-less engine exhaust gas valve with great success. The 12mm can operate a variety of pulsed and continuous gas, liquid and particle injector valves with far better performance and substantially lower power consumption.

Not all piezo actuators are created equal. Diversity, power, speed, precision, and ultra-low power consumption is the name of the game, and ViVa piezo actuators and valves are continually changing the game. Pushing past standard piezo actuators and solenoids, this technology offers new capabilities that are spreading worldwide. Viking AT’s team developed the first piezoelectric valve and associated controls more than two decades ago for underwater military use. Since then many applications have been successfully addressed in a wide variety of applications ranging from military to industrial to consumer devices.

“The engineering team at Viking is top notch and we have collaborated on several different projects and Viking always comes through with innovative solutions for new product opportunities at Parker Hannifin. ” - Roger Palmer, VP Innovation & Technology, Parker Hannifin

The 12mm is a newly designed and tested actuator with a tremendous amount of promise and power that outperforms a solenoid and other piezo actuators on the market today. It can not only be modified, but can be doubled to create even more displacement and power, while still maintaining the energy efficiency with incredibly accurate precision. Also see the ViVa 3mm actuator and the Microvalve for gas valve applications.

Benefits of the new ViVa 12mm actuator include:
• High Speed/Low Temperature
• Low Power Consumption
• Precise Proportional Control or On/Off, Your Choice
• Capable of Operating a Valve at High Pressure
• Can be Doubled for Greater Force and Displacement
• Premier Choice for Most Gas Valve and Mass Flow Control Applications

About Viking AT: Viking AT is a World Leader in Piezo Technology based in Sarasota, Florida. Specializing in piezo valve, actuator, and injector development with over 30 years’ experience in specialization of these technologies.