SoftComfort, Inc. Releases the program that makes Skype a safer environment

Delete Skype History Network Edition program removes messages from both chat sides and Skype server

Online PR News – 04-February-2015 – Lviv – In days, when Skype user’s privacy is a major concern for many people, SoftComfort, Inc., a software development company, has just announced the official launch of the Delete Skype History Network Edition program. The program overcomes the limitations inherent that Skype has, so allows you to edit and delete your chat conversations – even old instant messages sent weeks or even years ago – affecting both your and your chat partners' devices, and Skype cloud.

Performance and Portability

The program deletes a conversation or an individual message with one particular contact or a group of contacts. It allows you to clear Skype chat history everywhere - on your and your chat partners' devices incl. Windows, MacOS, iPhone, iPad, Android, Linux.

The Delete Skype History Network Edition app allows you to select conversations, filter messages by time and chat partner's name, and edit or remove one-to-one or group messages. You can create Skype history backups and restore any of them for your convenience.

Also with the program you can edit messages, sent by you, older than 1 hour and without program’s reference.

Privacy on the go

Delete Skype History Network Edition app deletes all chat messages not only from all your devices but also permanently from Skype server (the cloud) so nobody will be able to restore them.

“Thank God for this app because I sent my invoice link on accident and got it to delete it from my chat partner’s side” said Edris Lambert, California, US in his feedback.

Michael Dalton, Berlin, Germany said “I sent a very sensitive message that I wrote in a bad mood and didn’t want it to be read by the person, a day after the bad mood went away. With your app I’ve deleted messages before they were read by my chat partner. Thank you for an excellent tool”.

Kevin Wiley, Melbourne, Australia: “I used the app for deleting the entire log of my messages going back 3 years on my communications with a former employee. I deleted all my communications on his end in complete bulk from day one. All this was done without individual message deletion. Thanks a lot”.

Pricing and availability

For further information about Delete Skype History Network Edition app, visit

You can download the Delete Skype History Network Edition from

Price is $ 29.95 USD.

About SoftComfort, Inc.

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