Fax To Email Service In The UK Set For Massive Growth

Mustang Fax Fax to Email service is poised for explosive growth in the UK. As more traveling employees and their employers become of the service and its value, the number of clients is steadily growing.

Online PR News – 19-August-2010 – – Mendham, NJ 19-August-2010 -- Mustang Fax is pleased to announce that they are set for massive growth in the UK. More and more workers are performing their job functions from locations other than the office. Such workers often receive information from clients via fax. Workers using Mustang Fax's fax to email service can receive their faxes regardless of location provided they have a computer with internet access at their disposal.

In addition to the growing number of workers that are not bound to a specific office location, more workers are becoming aware of the existence of Mustang Fax and fax to email services. This puts Mustang Fax on a cusp where growth is expected to explode over the next few months.

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