Accounting Capital Launches a New Website to Assist the Accounting Community
02/04/2015 is a new & evolving site in the e-learning space. It offers features such as a knowledge base, forum, articles, Acronyms & much more

Online PR News – 04-February-2015 – New Delhi, India – Accounting Capital, a new accounting and finance mentor company, unveiled today its new website, trying to make it easier for everyone to experience a range of useful services, resources and information. The site could be accessed at

Accounting and finance is a complicated subject that needs proper attention and knowledge. There are various topics under these subjects that are hard to grasp. Today, one can understand the complexities of F&A right from the comfort of their home; this can now be also done through accessing Accounting Capital’s newly launched website.

The new website has few different features such as a unique database of accounting questions in form of a knowledge centre, the reason it is unique is because most of the explanations would come with an example which makes it easier for the audience to understand, a forum which guarantees a reply within 24Hrs, Latest engaging articles, Acronyms & many more features are being added everyday as the site looks to be constantly evolving.

The Website offers members and visitors to provide the whole thing associated with finance and accounting like:

• Assist a student obtain his or her objectives through understanding the extreme basics of Finance and Accounting and make firm fundamentals.
• Help individual to crack an accounting and finance or an associated interview
• Assist small business owners & executives to understand accounting as well as bookkeeping concepts.
• The team is now working on an e-book to be released in future which would be devoted only to accounting Interview questions.

Accounting Capital has a team of finance and accounting professionals with over 8 years of combined experience, products include – Accounting questions database - knowledge centre, question and answer forum, accounting acronyms, articles etc.

Accounting Capital can be referred while dealing with questions related to assets, liabilities, revenues, expenses, capital, basic accounting, journal entries, differences etc.

“Accounting Capital helps me to get to know more about finance and accounting. This website provides detailed explanation with examples about accounting and finance that are somewhat useful in my studies, keep it coming guys! @Carol Accounting Students.

About Accounting Capital

Accounting Capital’s main objective is to give people qualitatively large quantity of Finance and Accounting information that is not just free of charge but also shown and illustrated in a manner understandable to the layman. The company believe that details are of no use to the people when it is given in a complicated form, so we strive harder to offer a fascinating yet an incredibly uncomplicated source of Finance and accounting knowledge. “We Are Here to Serve"

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