Quality Nature Announces Release of a Supplement That Will Solve Your Digestive Problems

PROBIOTIC ADVANTAGE is a supplement released recently by QUALITY NATURE

Online PR News – 04-February-2015 – 8225 5th Avenue Suite #215 Brooklyn NY – PROBIOTIC ADVANTAGE is a supplement released recently by QUALITY NATURE, a renowned manufacturer of organic food additives. This particular product is oriented towards people who suffer from digestive problems caused by bacterial imbalances. PROBIOTIC ADVANTAGE supplies your body with “good” bacteria that facilitate digestion, and therefore allow your body to absorb nutrients fully.
Some lucky QUALITY NATURE clients were able to try out this product and share their opinions about it. One of them says, “I used to have some bloating issues at the most inconvenient times. PROBIOTIC ADVANTAGE solved this problem after a couple of weeks. My stomach feels much more comfortable now.” Another review: “I’ve been tormented by acidity problems and bloating for years. Nothing seemed to help, and the situation was getting worse. My mom advised me to try PROBIOTIC ADVANTAGE, and I’m extremely happy that she did. I feel much better now and my immunity is much stronger. I don’t experience any discomfort while eating, and even my doctor is surprised with the rapid improvement.”
PROBIOTIC ADVANTAGE is a supplement that contains probiotics, bacteria that help your body digest food. In order for your digestive system to work properly, you need to have certain amount of these “good” bacteria in your intestines. However, this natural balance can be disturbed by stress, medication (especially antibiotics), or unhealthy diet. When you don’t have enough “good” bacteria, you cannot digest food thoroughly, which leads to toxicity and other serious problems. This also prevents you from absorbing the valuable nutrients. PROBIOTIC ADVANTAGE solves these problems and can even help you lose some weight, because it will make any diet more efficient due to its ability to boost your metabolism.
One of the additional benefits of PROBIOTIC ADVANTAGE is the fact that restoring the balance of bacteria in your digestive tract will strengthen your immune system. This is why it’s beneficial to take this supplement during flu epidemics.
Note that PROBIOTIC ADVANTAGE contains lactose. People suffering from lactose intolerance or an allergy to dairy products should avoid this supplement. Nursing mothers, children under 18, and pregnant women should consult a doctor before including PROBIOTIC ADVANTAGE in their diets.
The product is available at Amazon and the official QUALITY NATURE website (http://www.qualitynature.com/) for $19.68. Every container has 60 capsules. You will need to take 1 serving per day.