Air Cleaner Manufacturer Continues to Innovate and Bring Jobs back to the United States

HealthWay makes the commitment to move manufacturing back to the United States.

Online PR News – 02-February-2015 – Pulaski, New York – In President Obama’s State of the Union this year he stated, "More than half of manufacturing executives have said they're actively looking at bringing jobs back from China." HealthWay, a global leading manufacturer of air cleaners for residential, commercial, medical and industrial applications has a few of those executives.

Made in America

HealthWay has continued to innovate new game changing air-cleaning products for the increasing global pollution problem. As many companies continue to outsource manufacturing, HealthWay has committed to "Made in America" focusing heavily in the Central New York Community. HealthWay recently acquired 18 acres in Pulaski, New York that will soon house its new corporate headquarters.

Vince and Vinny Lobdell have planned a major expansion of the area to bring many manufacturing jobs back from Asia. Vinny Lobdell President of Pulaski based HealthWay stated, "HealthWay is a U.S. brand built on U.S. ingenuity and hard work. It’s time to bring more manufacturing back to where it all started, Central New York." The new facility will house a state of the art R&D facility, corporate offices and a full production line that will manufacture the company’s award winning commercial and residential DFS air cleaning systems.

HealthWay manufactures air-cleaning products for a wide range of customers around the globe. The company’s patented technology has been proven to be the most efficient line of air cleaners ever developed. Certified independent third party test data supports a filtration efficiency of 99.99% at removing all particles as small as .007 micron which is 50% more efficient than a HEPA filter. It is these ultrafine particles that have now been proven to cause stroke, cardiovascular disease and even birth defects.

Most recently HealthWay was employed to provide customized filtration for one of China’s most distinguished private schools, Dulwich Beijing. These customized units were built in Pulaski, New York and employed in the most polluted city on earth. Testing 6 months after the installation showed that after HealthWay filtration, the school met all guidelines for a healthy indoor environment. Lobdell stated, “Air quality problems come in all shapes and sizes and so do our customized solutions. We provide real solutions to real problems, we do not try to simply patch the problem with a one size fits all approach.”

When it matters most companies turn to HealthWay to improve their indoor air quality. HealthWay’s Residential and Commercial products are found at BMW, Bank of China, Harvard University, Hyatt Hotels, Crystal Cruises, Cleveland Clinic, Ronald McDonald Houses, Hilton Hotels and many other prestigious locations around the globe. Now these companies can breathe a little easier knowing the HealthWay brand will be carrying a MADE IN AMERICA tag on them.

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