Kitopia Inc. To Initiate An Anniversary Gift Bonanza

Kitopia Inc. Set to Hold A Mega Giveway Bonanza To Reward Clients.

Online PR News – 03-February-2015 – Hartford/CT – Kitopia Inc. Set to Hold A Mega Giveway Bonanza To Reward Clients.

Kitopia Inc. has very good news to its new and old customers. In June this year, the company will be on a giveaway spree to celebrate its annual anniversary. During the anniversary, clients will receive gift hampers as well as discounts which will go as high as 90%. Since its founding 2 years ago, the company has always done this to their clients but this year, the giveaway will be massive. According to Kitopia's Chief Executive Officer, Christine Cutter, the company is expected to increase its giveaway percentages annually.

"We are who we are today not because of how special we are but how great our customers are. There are many companies out there with great products but without loyal client base. For us, we are fortunate to have very great customers who are loyal to our brand despite of the massive competition. It is very reasonable if we dedicate a week to them. It will simply be a week to say thank you and also listen to them."

During the annual anniversary, the company has already started making plans which will help them achieve maximum results.

"In addition to reward our customers for their royalty, this giveaway will be all about listening to them. We will let them express themselves and how they would like us to improve our products." She added.

The company has made significant announcements which are geared towards improving the value of their clients. For instance, the company announced the hiring of a research and development team that will help improve their products including the Vegetable slicer. The team will also be involved in coming up with new products.

Some of the products that will be given away at discounts are the Spiral Vegetable Cutter, the nut milk bag and the silicone baking cupcake muffins. Also, the company announced a very unique marketing strategy seeking to leverage the success of social media.

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