KreativeKrowd launches a new crowdsourcing marketplace for creative freelancers.

Kreative Krowd is the first freelance marketplace specifically focusing on creative services and products.

Online PR News – 03-February-2015 – Birmingham, UK – Today, an internet crowdsourcing marketplace officially launches its services for all creative freelancers.

Whether its University or college students from creative departments looking for a part-time job opportunity or building their work experience portfolio to professional freelancers or anyone with a hidden creative talent of any kind. They can all build their portfolio and post their ideas on and get tasks from potential employers.

Kreative Krowd is the first, unique freelance marketplace specifically focusing on creative services and products such as Fashion & Textile, Gifts & Memorabilia, Models & Actors and Games, not catered by any other similar freelancing website. We have covered all categories belongs to creative industry as defined by - the industry standard organisation.

«The idea of KreativeKrowd came to me during my PhD research studies in Management Sciences at Lancaster University Management School.» says Dr. Muddassir Ahmed, CEO and Founder of Kreative Krowd. «I saw an opportunity that there is no online platform which is focused on digital creative services. Given my expertise in designing digital supply chain and the rise of crowdsourcing, I believe the services that have traditionally been sourced through agencies-such as recruitment, advertising or management consultancy could suitably be coupled with the crowdsourcing model and bought into the 21st Century hence was born. After a detailed scrutiny of the business plan, the Kreative Krowd team secured a start-up loan of £6000 from the Virgin Start-Up as a Delivery Partner of the StartUp Loans scheme, and a mentorship program. We also received the support of the Birmingham Council initiative Enterprise Catalyst which provided great help in the development of the business plan and invaluable pre-startup mentorship.»

Most of competitor sites such as,; and others are either based on the traditional staffing model, centering on recruiting and outsourcing or the contest model. takes a unique approach of providing an "e-commerce experience" and “focus platform” that empowers creative people to showcase their skills as a package, showing key elements of customer service, i.e. cost, quality (rating), delivery (rating) and lead time information at a glance, so as to enable the buying and selling of services in just a few clicks and eliminating any negotiation friction. This pioneering model effectively offers «Services-as-a-Package»

«We aim to provide all necessary tools not yet available and cultivate a virtual community environment where Kreatives post their own projects to create original content and support each other in getting recognition of their work. This is a similar method to crowdfunding projects either with or without funds.» says Dr. Muddassir Ahmed, CEO and Founder of Kreative Krowd. «That is why we have free subscription plans both for Kreatives and Klients»

About is an internet crowdsourcing marketplace that provides a one-stop shop for creative media content and related services and products. We connect freelancers and university or college students with buyers and employers who are looking to hire creative writers, graphic designers, animators, voice-over artists, fashion designers and internet marketing professionals.