Design, Build and Race your own virtual vehicles in Car Maker Games - the awesome new kids app!

Car Maker is the perfect metal construction app for all gamers ages 3 to 103!

Online PR News – 01-February-2015 – Nashville Tennessee – Building and racing toy cars is a timeless pastime for adults and children alike but imagine how great it would be if you had unlimited parts and could build the toy racing vehicle of your dreams?

Car Maker is the brilliant app that lets anybody build virtual metal vehicles from various brakes, wheels, engines, headlights and much more. There really is no limit to their imaginations! Once the cars are completed then they can be raced on the beautiful 2D test track and controlled with a gas pedal and brakes!

Car Maker is the perfect metal construction app for any inquisitive builder whether they are young or just young at heart! The app teaches users about mechanical understanding, spatial relationships and the physics of machinery. Every college and University in the country is desperate to attract STEM students so apps like Car Maker give them a head start in the science, technology and engineering disciplines as well as being so much fun!

Car Maker also has the following great features:-
● Kid friendly interface with amazing learning options and tools

● Simple fun car building mechanics

● Build, drive, test and paint your virtual vehicles

● Awesome upgrades to power up the cars and make them even faster and cooler

● Great graphics and animations that totally rock!

● Available in every major language including Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Thai, Korean and Arabic!

● Realistic sound effects and driving simulation on the 2D test track - push your creations to their limits and beyond!

Car Maker is available in the Apple iTunes Store for free with an ad-supported version or for the bargain price of only $2.99. Both run on any iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch running iOS 5.0 or later.

Download Car Maker today and begin your kids lifetime love of building, creating and racing vehicles!