Aaron School Announces THRIVE Program for Post Graduates

Offers Gap Year Learning Experiences Per-College/Work Entry

Online PR News – 01-February-2015 – NYC – NEW YORK,NY JAN 23, 2015 – The Aaron School (www.aaronschool.org) announces their THRIVE program for 13th year students this 2015-2016 school year. The private K-12 special education school, located at 42 East 30 Street in New York, has a commitment to serve special needs students attention, sensory and social challenges as they transition into the first steps of adulthood and independence before College or Work Force entry.

According to the US Department of Education's transition guide an IEP or Section 504 is insufficient for establishing post-secondary disability status. Specifically it states that “an IEP or Section 504 plan may help identify services that have been used by the student in the past, [but] they generally are not sufficient documentation to support the existence of a current disability and need for an academic adjustment from an institution of postsecondary education.” This is why Aaron school has instituted the THRIVE program for 18-21 year old graduates.

During the transitional program, THRIVE students participate in TWO separate internships (one fall and one in spring) at completely different worksites. The worksite internships will be expose them to the world of work while also refining their soft skills, occupational skills, and employability. Students will continue their services in the areas of occupational therapy, speech therapy, and counseling on a weekly basis as needed. Each week, students will complete an inventory about their development in the form of journal.

They will also participate in a life skills curriculum with courses that focus on social-emotional development, decision making, problem solving, self-advocacy, budgeting, independence, responsibility, communication, and how to be a successful member of one’s community.
At Aaron School, the staff understands the transition from High School to adult life can pose a challenge for our students and their parents. The staff here is committed to their success, not just in academics, but in life, as well. The THRIVE program is the foundation of this mission.

For more information, visit www.aaronschool.org.