SecureSnaps Redefines Encrypted Photo and Video Storage for Mobiles and Desktops: Now in Beta

EVOVE announces Snaps Free, the first in the line of a new generation of cloud-based photo storage solutions.

Online PR News – 01-February-2015 – CHEYENNE, WY, Jan. 30, 2015 – SecureSnaps, a new product suite from EVOVE, is redefining photo and video storage for mobile and desktop devices. SecureSnaps provides secure photo and video storage solutions and offers consumers the necessary protection for their private files against undesired access. The beta of Snaps Free is immediately available for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux powered desktops with iOS and Android versions coming soon. The other products in the SecureSnaps suite, Snaps Lite and Snaps Elite, will also be released shortly.

Due to the lack of an effective photo/video storage option, people are unwillingly exposing their personal and sensitive photos/videos to numerous risks. SecureSnaps is a photo and video storage solution that addresses users' critical security needs. Today, Snaps Free lets users safely store hundreds of photos securely and provides access to them anytime, anywhere. SecureSnaps’ products use strong encryption standards as well as multiple security layers to ensure maximum protection for our users' private media. The beta version of Snaps Free is available for download from

“In a hacker-filled world, there is a growing need for digital privacy,” says Mark Bruk, CEO of EVOVE Limited. “With the recent celebrity photo hacks and epic hacks of large retail corporations, protecting an individual’s privacy and their private moments is of utmost importance. Whether you want to preserve your child’s first steps, or keep some sensitive images just for yourself, you have a full right to do so away from intruders and prying eyes. Whatever your reasons, SecureSnaps is a safe home for all your sensitive photos and videos.”

Snaps Free enables users to:
Have peace of mind knowing that SecureSnaps’ products operate at the highest encryption standards available to ensure uncompromised photo/video storage at all times.
Securely access their photos anytime, and organize them into private galleries directly from all their devices. Snaps Free leaves no trace of their activity.
Use additional security levels to forever protect their sensitive files from unwanted access.

About SecureSnaps
SecureSnaps is a suite of cloud-based photo storage apps that combine advanced encryption standards with multiple layers of security to protect users’ sensitive photos and videos. To download SecureSnaps visit

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