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Online PR News – 01-February-2015 – New York, NY – A lot of people think that they can’t buy a home now days because of inflation and credit is not good. Also, maybe because the whole process of purchasing a house is so stressful and complicated that a lot of people don’t even think about buying a house.

Buying a house is not actually that complicated as a lot of people think. There are a few things that one should do before buying a house. Following are the few things one should consider:

1. Legality
2. Stature
3. Location
4. Features
5. Own Requirements
6. After Expenses
7. Price

1. Legality:
In every city there is a government body that approves the land, map and structure of the house and making it legal. First thing is to get check if the house you want is legal and everything is approved.

2. Stature:
Then comes the reputation of the company who built the house, there are a lot of construction companies but not everyone has a good reputation. The good reputation of the company will reflect the quality of the construction work of the house.

3. Location:
Look at the location the house is built in. Is it a practical location? Will the buyer have easy access to the work, school, groceries and other daily necessities? And then most importantly will the family adjust and blend in with the neighborhood?

4. Features:
Features of a house make a big difference, there are a lot of house where washing machine and refrigerators are already installed, some even provide with dish washer as well. But there are some who does not provide these features which results in increasing the expense for buyer.

5. Own Requirements:
It is really important that a person makes a list of what he/she wants in a house, keeping in mind that a person never gets everything he/she requires. So the list should be managed according to the priorities and go for the house which is closest to a person’s requirement.

6. After Expenses:
Calculating the after expenses helps a person in managing the budget; one should check the house carefully and get the estimation of the repairs and after expenses required.

7. Price:
The best way to check the price of the house is see the prices of other houses in the location and constructed from same builders. Also, the estimation of the after expenses and features helps in deciding the price of the house.