SEO Software Submitter V2.0 Launched

SEO Software Submitter V2.0 covers complete search engine optimization activities in smart manner with step by step instructions. This release has major fixes in response to customer comments and online user manual for Internet business promotion.

Online PR News – 19-August-2010 – – SEO Software Submitter is an Internet search engine optimization tool. It is originally developed and used by EPractize Labs Software business solutions team. It simplifies SEO and maintains your website on #1 page in Google all the time.

SEO Software Submitter is the only SEO product that covers complete search engine optimization activities in any kind of online business without researching competitor websites or unclear analytical reports. SEO experts and Webmasters rated SEO Software Submitter as the best tool for Internet business promotion and search engine optimization, however they felt that the product components need further documentation to understand better. EPractize Labs accepted this advice and has come-up with new version of SEO Software Submitter that covers Step by Step SEO navigation in the product as well as online user manual to explain further about SEO steps.

This release also covers the following features in addition to step by step SEO navigation:

1. Overall performance improvement in all product components.
2. Registration wizard simplified to complete all signing up process in one place.
3. Ad/Video Submitter customer issues fixed.
4. SEO On-page optimization keyword editor performance improved.
5. Backup functionality improved to take complete company backup including submission status.
6. Email validation in configuration wizards improved to support latest mail formats.
7. Database cleanup for all submitters.
8. 130+ new reciprocal partner sites added in weblink submitter.

Once the user becomes familiar with SEO Software Submitter components by using step by step guide, they can play around the components as they wish. The SEO step by step guide covers 100+ SEO steps with web references and images.

SEO Software Submitter V2.0 wraps many components to fulfill Search Engine Optimization and product or site promotion and they are listed below.

CMS HTML and Text Editor – To edit pages directly from website FTP folder
Keyword editor – Helps to add/edit Title, Meta, Image and Href tags with step by step instructions
Sitemap Generator – Generate sitemap XML and sitemap HTML files of website by one click.
Sitemap Submitter – To submit sitemap XML file to major search engines
PAD Editor – Create/update PAD XML for software products
PAD Submitter – Increase download rates and generate more software sales. Rapid and effective method to promote software products.
Press Release (PR) Generator – Can maintain website press announcements in SEO Software Submitter and publish in site by customized templates. The product will generate RSS feed automatically.
PR Submitter – Submit press releases by PR Submission wizard
Article Generator – Can maintain website articles in SEO Software Submitter and publish in site by customized templates. The product will generate RSS feed automatically.
Article Submitter – Submit articles by Article Submission wizard
RSS Submitter – Submit RSS feeds by RSS Submission wizard
Weblink Manager – Manage category, link partner details and site submitter.
Directory Submitter – Submit site to directories.
Free Ad Submitter – Submit advertisements to free ad display sites
Video Submitter – Submit promotional videos to video broadcasting sites.
Each submitter have email follow-up wizard, weblink editor and weblink manager to ease up link partner communication.

How a site gets higher search results with SEO Software Submitter V2.0?
By referral search, users visit a site using targeted keywords. On later stages, the product/service information links will be visible on download directories, press release sites, article sites, rss feed broadcasting sites, free ad sites and video sites. Automatically search engine improves this product/service page popularity and show them in top results.

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