iFlexweb Uses Craingorm for Rapid Flex Development Process

iFlexweb uses Craingorm for Rapid Flex development process so that complex RIAs can be easily developed and deployed in minimal time.

Online PR News – 19-August-2010 – – Craingorm is lightweight Flex framework used in the Flex development process. Its light weight architecture allows the Flex developers to easily create large and complex RIAs within stipulated time. Cairngorm allows data services-developer, Flex developer and component developer to work parallel with each other. The Flex developers at iFlexweb split up the project in modules and different teams of developers are assigned the development responsibility of different modules. The number of teams depends upon the type of the project and the number of the components it has been split into. All the involved Flex development teams work independent of each other on their own modules. This parallel working allows the iFlexweb to speed up the RIA development projects and deploy them well within the stipulated timeframe. This removes bottlenecks from the work flow and speeds up the entire project.

Cairngorm allows easy maintenance of the deployed projects and facilitates removal of the bugs from the system so that it works smoothly for longer duration of time. This allows the applications to easily handle voluminous flow of traffic without undergoing any noticeable change in their characteristics. The Flex developers at iFlexweb finds Cairngorm’s automated testing feature very beneficial. It speeds up the testing procedure and ensures high degree of accuracy by taking out the human influence from the final testing phase. This completely eliminates any chance of errors creeping into the system due human lapse. The result is flawless deployment of the RIA, which is the goal of the project.

Cairngorm is as old as Flex but has matured significantly to empower the development team at iFlexweb to generate splendid and highly responsive Flex development offerings- RIAs. The scalability issues are well addressed through Craingorm architecture and helps developers to create RIAs that support complex business logic easily to deliver desired results.