Brainasoft launches Braina - a Speech Recognition Software for Windows PC

Braina is an intelligent speech recognition software from Brainasoft that allows users to do various tasks by talking to their computer.

Online PR News – 30-January-2015 – Ahmedabad – Braina (Brain Artificial) is a speech recognition software for Windows PC. Braina makes it possible for users to control their computer using speech recognition and natural language commands. Its a virtual personal assistant software that makes it easy to access information and perform various tasks by voice commands.

Commands can be either issued using a keyboard or can be spoken into a microphone and Braina will understand what should be done. Moreover, using Braina for Android App, users can convert their Android device into a remote wireless microphone and interact with their PC from anywhere in their house over a WiFi network.

Various features of Braina are as follows:
1) Play songs and videos at your wish with the power of your voice.
2) Dictate in any third party software and website. (Speech to Text)
3) Find information on any subject.
4) Perform mathematical functions.
5) Set alarms and reminders.
6) Search and open files/folders/programs on your PC very quickly.
7) Find definition of any word.
8) Create notes.
9) Create custom commands and macros.
10) Teach custom replies.
11) Control media playback.
12) Control Window (Minimize, Maximize, Restore, Switch Applications, Scroll Up, Scroll Down)
13) Find weather information for any city and much more.

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