MIOT International Successfully Performs its First Heart Transplant

On Sunday, 18 January 2015, MIOT International conducted its very first heart transplant.

Online PR News – 30-January-2015 – Chennai/ Tamil Nadu – On Sunday, 18 January, MIOT International added another feather to its cap when it successfully conducted its maiden heart transplant.

Sridhar M (31) an auto rickshaw driver was returning home on 17 January to celebrate Kaanum Pongal with his wife and two-year old child, when he fell victim to a road accident. He suffered a serious head injury and was rushed to the Kancheepuram General Hospital. Finding that he needed higher tertiary care, he was shifted to MIOT International on the same day. On the following day - 18 January - Sridhar was declared brain-dead.

Losing Sridhar in that fatal accident was traumatic, but his family members were able to find it in their hearts to turn their tragedy into a boon by donating his organs and changing six lives for the better. Post counselling, his family consented to donating his organs including his heart.

MIOT International, already a leader in organ transplant, just recently procured a heart transplant license. and completed its first heart transplant. Sridhar's heart was transplanted into a 36 year old woman. MIOT also received his liver and a kidney for transplant. His liver was donated to a 31 year old man while an 18-year old youth received a kidney.

Another kidney and his corneas were sent to other private hospitals in the city.

Although twelve (12) hospitals in Chennai are licensed to perform heart transplantations, only seven (7) have actually done so. MIOT International which only recently procured a heart-transplant licence completed its first heart transplant on Sunday night.