I-80 Wins More Clients with Its 100% Financing Services

With businesses slowly picking up on their losses from the recession period, I-80 wins more customers by providing potential clients with full financing services at fairly competitive rates. Prospective clients in need of refurbished or used bucket trucks turn to I-80 for their affordable utility truck requisites. Visit http://www.i80equipment.com

Online PR News – 19-August-2010 – – August 14, 2010 - In response to the economic stigma caused by the recession period, I-80 offers potential clients full financing services with the aim to help businesses get back on their feet while slowly gaining back on their losses during the economic downturn.
The 100% financing program of I-80 has made them the company of choice for businesses that have been hit by the economic slump in 2007 until 2009. Numerous industries like electrical, telecommunications, forestry, and even real estate grounds have felt the crunch of the economic beg off. The good news is that they are slowly gaining back on their deficits and part of the initial strides to get back to business is to operate with the least monetary outflow possible. This is most likely the reason why I-80 sales have increased along with its financing program. Business owners are eager to jumpstart their operations without making drastic risks to their finances. With the high-end, yet cost-effective digger derrick trucks, crane trucks, and used bucket trucks offered by I-80, they are able to attract clients by giving them their money’s worth, and a lot more.

The intangible benefits that I-80 offers its clients are guised in the form of exceptional backup support, professional customer service, innovative engineering techniques, and of course, flexible buying options. I-80 recognizes the fact that the two-way business avenue runs through fast-paced traffic lanes where most would opt for routes with fewer stop lights. This has inspired them to come up with a financing program that will not exhaust the time and resources of their customers while ensuring that their business will not go insolvent as well. The simplicity and clear-cut nature of the financing program ensures expediency once a client has been qualified. Furthermore, the detailed accounts and the on-site test drive offered by the company will guarantee that customers are highly educated on the quality and category of the bucket trucks or digger derricks that they are eyeing for.
Just like any other financing programs, certain conditions and terms are set. What makes I-80’s financing program different is that their evaluation team will give you direct answers in the soonest possible time, and in the most professional approach. Aside from strict professional and ethical business practices, the competitive rates are one of the most compelling facets that make clients sign up with I-80. In addition, I-80 professionals can edify clients on other options that will best suit the current standing of their finances. Apart from the relatively low rates, the smooth process is also an added value for customers.
Acquiring quality digger derricks, forestry trucks, bucket trucks, boom trucks and crane trucks, whether new or reconditioned, is indeed possible even if you don’t have enough finances to pay for the full charges of these equipments. With I-80’s financing program, you can call it business as usual. Whether it’s innovating new engineering technologies, providing unrivaled customer service, or helping you improve your business, I-80 professionals do not simply meet your expectations, they certainly exceed them.