Kiserena Announced Customer Experience For Its Digital Food Thermometer

Kiserena Digital Food Thermometer Continues To Receive Remarkable Customer Support

Online PR News – 29-January-2015 – House Springs/MO – Since it has been unveiled in the world's biggest online retailer, Amazon, Kiserena's number one selling product, the Digital Food Thermometer, has been very well received by its users. Kiserena is a kitchen safety concerned company, which sells the food thermometer meant to help home cooks and chefs in the entire country to make perfectly cooked foods. This kitchen gadget also helps avoid undercooking or overcooking food thus ensuring food safety.

Customers were eager to express their positive experience with the product: "I am pretty notorious for under cooking poultry. Last Thanksgiving we didn't get to eat the turkey until we were all having second helpings because it wasn't at temperature. I've always used an analog thermometer and it always takes so long to get an accurate reading. With this thermometer, I insert the device into my food, turn it on and within a few seconds, I have an accurate reading," said one Amazon's verified buyer.

The buyer continued its review and stated, "It easily switches from Fahrenheit to Celsius, and it can hold the last temperature reading for you, which is nice because when I need to put food back in to cook some more, I know what temp I started it. So no more serving under cooked food; now to not overcook it!"

Another customer stated, "This food thermometer did a great job on my pork chops. Accurate read and easy to use. I will use this often as cooking is a hobby in our house! Very happy with the purchase," said one Amazon's verified buyer. For Donna, one of Kiserena's most recent customers, the digital food thermometer is perfect size and has a great digital display.

"We are grateful to see that people continue to love and find our digital food thermometer great and accurate," said William Cheng, media spokesperson for Kiserena. "We expect to keep on delivering quality products to our customers, and offering the optimal customer experience for them."

The Kiserena Digital Food Thermometer is currently available on with 100% money-back guarantee.