JaipurHotelDeals.com Adds Online Chat Support And Jaipur Travel Information For Tourists

JaipurHotelDeals.com, a leading travel website for online Hotel reservation in Jaipur, an initiative of Immivate Business Solutions (IBS), announced new features and sections to their website.

Online PR News – 03-September-2009 – – JaipurHotelDeals.com, an exclusive portal for hotel reservation in Jaipur, has added new features and information for tourists.

It has added 7 new pages to provide visitors detailed information about Jaipur's History, Weather, Accessibility, Jaipur as Business Destination and Health Care Center and two main specialty of Jaipur – Jaipuri Quilts and Jaipur Foot.
You will find a brief mention about them below:

# Online Chat Support

By incorporating online chat support traveler can directly chat with Customer Support Manager of JaipurHotelDeals.com during the business hours i.e. between 9AM - 7PM Indian Standard Time.

# History of Jaipur

This section showcases Ancient Jaipur in terms of Founder of Jaipur, Architecture and various rulers of Jaipur.

# Business in Jaipur

Jaipur, with its enchanting heritage, culture and art has mesmerized the world for centuries. Interestingly, Jaipur has now also started featuring prominently on the list of an entirely new set of people - the investor community.

This page is dedicated to our investor and business community. Here you will find all the ingredients of a perfect location for a stable and profitable investment in Jaipur i.e. Industries, Growth Driver of Jaipur, SEZ and various convention centers in Jaipur.

# Healthcare Services

Jaipur offers World class Medical Facilities, comparable with any of the western country city. This section showcases health care facilities in Jaipur which includes famous hospitals, meditation and naturopathic centers etc.

# How To Reach Jaipur

This section showcases how to get Jaipur easily through Train, Bus and Flight from various cities of India as well as foreign countries. You can also check daily flight schedule for Jaipur through this section.

# Jaipuri Razai

Jaipur is world famous for Jaipuri Razai or Jaipur Quilt and Tourists usually shop for these quilts on their trip to Jaipur. This section offers complete detailed information about Jaipuri Razai i.e. where to buy, manufacturing process and uniqueness of Jaipuri Razai.

# Jaipur Foot

Jaipur is famous in strife-torn areas as the birthplace of an extraordinary artificial limb, known as the Jaipur Foot that has revolutionized life for millions of people. Find out all the details about this Foot in this exclusive section of our website.

# Weather in Jaipur

If you are planning for somewhere, it is essential that you understand what to expect in terms of the weather and climate. Our weather section will help you know about climatic conditions in Jaipur, the Best Time to visit. You can even check daily weather report of Jaipur.

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