MachinePulseâ„¢ Takes Its Obsession With Data to the Factory Shop Floor With FactoryPulseâ„¢

FactoryPulseâ„¢ focuses on improving operational efficiency on plant shop floors by combining machine health analytics with production metric analytics.

Online PR News – 30-January-2015 – Mumbai, Maharashtra – MachinePulseâ„¢ launches FactoryPulseâ„¢ to address the emerging requirement of manufacturing shop floors to achieve operational efficiency and utilize data churning out from devices to provide real-time insights and help make better, more informed decisions.

FactoryPulse™, armored with erixis™ platform’s decision science capabilities, is a solution for machine data generated by various factory equipment, control devices, SCADA systems, sensors, networks, applications and end users.

The solution utilizes the capabilities of MachinePulseâ„¢ in the areas of factory monitoring with a deep focus on asset performance diagnostics and performance benchmarking.

Examples of what can be gained through the analytics spectrum covered by FactoryPulseâ„¢ are:

Root-cause analysis and remote troubleshooting: Drill down intelligence for key performance indicators ; find root causes behind production downtime.
Performance benchmarking: View best performing machine output characteristics; benchmark against expected performance parameters and set standards.
Portfolio management: Manage an entire plant portfolio with a single tool.
Detect anomalies and outliers: Identify outliers which may be an early warning for issues in device production or deployment.
Flexible integration: Unify data from all devices, API level integration with third party software.
Manufacturing organizations can benefit from improved asset utilization by running preventive maintenance on critical infrastructure equipment and machinery for improving throughput and utilization.

FactoryPulseâ„¢ launches with a project concerning overall equipment effectiveness at a leading steel service center in the automotive cluster in Pune, Maharashtra.

About MachinePulse
MachinePulseâ„¢ is an Internet of Things platform provider based in Mumbai. The big data platform, erixisâ„¢, has in-built machine learning and predictive analytics capabilities. MachinePulseâ„¢ is based in Mumbai, India with branch offices in Chennai and Bangalore.