LED and CFL Dimming Problems SOLVED by Caelus

A new invention ends the need to match dimmer switches with dimmable LEDs. ALL-Dimmer dims all luminaries including CFLs and supposedly 'non-dimmable' LEDs.

Online PR News – 28-January-2015 – London – It’s here folks, the answer to the dimming issues we’ve been facing since CFL and LED technology hit the lighting scene bringing huge energy savings but also difficulties with ambient lighting. At last we can forget having to match up dimmer switches with dimmable LEDs because ALL-dimmer dims it all, including supposedly ‘non-dimmable’ CFL AND LED bulbs.

ALL-Dimmer is a dimmer switch that’s beyond intelligent dimmers because it doesn’t only detect leading or trailing edge technologies, it has the capability of dimming less costly ‘NON-dimmables’ as well as a combination of different luminaries on the same circuit, although advisable to use one technology on each circuit for uniform dimming.


ALL-Dimmer was invented and developed to address the limitations experienced by the current dimmers on the market due to the sheer variety of lighting options and problems associated with dimming the array of technologies. The result is a one-size-fits-all dimmer that dims fluorescent lights and CFLs, halogen bulbs, incandescent lights and LED lights, all flawlessly, with the only exception of constant power lamps used specifically to ensure no power fluctuation.

ALL-Dimmer really does do it all and it’s unique patented technology means no need to stock a range of dimmers because it meets every requirement and saves the end user £’s on bulbs.

The inventor who solved the problem of dimming non-dimmable CFLs and non-dimmable LEDs is 45-year-old South African, Riccardo de Wet, from the Cape. Riccardo de Wet holds more patents than any individual for dimmable CFL drivers (7 in total and counting). It was 2008 and he was living in various parts of the globe running his R&D Company, RadCorp when he met two brothers, Tony and George Rebello, founders of RMC, a South African consultancy specialising in business management, scientific research and development. Electric symbiosis meant they joined cables in March 2013 to launch Caelus Group (Pty) Ltd., incorporating Caelus Lighting, Caelus Research and Development and Caelus Consulting. Their mission statement is "To deliver real answers to the energy crisis and create employment in a dynamic South Africa by keeping expertise and technologies at home." So far, so good.

ALL-Dimmer is one of the first of Caelus’ innovations to reach the EU, launched and distributed by Caelus UK via their launch site: ALL-Dimmer.com where you can also book free attendance at their presentations in February in Cobham, Surrey.

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