Indian Counterpart of US-based Tech Company Scores Big with Social Media Technique

A branch of a US-based technology company in India has recently created a buzz with their Facebook photo technique that has garnered over 17,000 likes and has

Online PR News – 30-January-2015 – Chicago,US – KEY Difference, a US-based technology firm specializing in mobile application development and content marketing, has business units operating in several countries around the world. Most of the operational tasks are carried out by their Indian unit located in Chennai in the Southern part of the country. In a recent interview, personnel at KEY Difference have revealed that their Facebook photo technique - called photo-stacking - has shown phenomenal success for a client of theirs in the United States.

Photo-stacking is a method in which relevant photographs are periodically uploaded into a single album over several weeks. The objective of photo-stacking is to achieve a cumulative effect in likes and sharing over a period of time. In the case of one client of KEY Difference, this method was used so effectively that it resulted in generating over 17,000 likes in a matter of days. The client, whose name was not disclosed due to an NDA currently in effect, is a manufacturing company that makes parts for aircraft. KEY Difference was assigned the task of engaging the company’s online target audience using social media.

According to sources close to the matter, KEY Difference created a photo-stack of esthetically photographed airplane spare parts that look more like art than technology. The phenomenally successful photo-stack consists of a single album with as many as 250 photographs that were uploaded to Facebook over a period of 8 days. The content was reportedly so appealing that there were a tremendous number of shares to the content in the very first day. That led to the ‘likes’ increasing disproportionately and, at last count, the ‘likes’ stood at 17,034, ‘shares’ were at 5,234, and counting.

When asked, group CEO Karnika E. Yashwant, also known as Mr. Key, said: “We are constantly innovating to bring more and more value to our clients, and this milestone proves that we are indeed at the top of our game. Our client is very happy with the results as it has given them tremendous exposure on social media.”