offers Pennsylvania residents a legal outlet for sports betting

This press release discusses the legalities of sports betting in Pennsylvania

Online PR News – 30-January-2015 – Pennsylvania – Offers Online Gambling to the Residents of Pennsylvania

For those who enjoy putting a few dollars down on the outcome of the Super Bowl in Pennsylvania, it's important to know that contrary to popular belief, it is legal to place sports bets in Pennsylvania. However, in order to do it legally, you have to understand the new landscape of legal sports betting in the United States on a federal level as well as on a local level. Here are a few things that you need to know about sports betting in Pennsylvania.

Does Pennsylvania Have Legal Land-Based Sports Gambling?

No. There are a few states that are working towards real, legal land based sports betting, but Pennsylvania hasn't taken that leap as of yet. The PASPA, otherwise known as the Bradley Act passed in 1992 prohibited land based sports betting nationwide. There are several states working to have the Bradley Act repealed. However, until then, placing sports bets with land based sports books remains illegal.

Will I Get Into Trouble For Betting Sports Online in Pennsylvania?

However, when it comes to sports betting, there are avenues that Pennsylvania residents can pursue in order to avoid having to make bets in back office deals and in other shady ways. Online sports betting is legal in Pennsylvania and provide sports bettors with fun and exciting betting action on every sport that is currently being participated in. This means that all you have to do to place an online sports bet in Pennsylvania is to find a website that provides you with the action you want and won't steal your money.

Which Sports Betting Sites Accept Pennsylvania Residents?

While there are online sports betting websites everywhere on the Internet, most of them are simply covers for scam artists who are simply out to bilk money out of unsuspecting bettors. Or, there are the websites that offer flat, boring gambling websites that only offer you the ability to bet on one or two sporting venues. However, there is a solution that will not only help you find legitimate websites for your gambling needs, they also offer you the ability to find those that accept players from Pennsylvania: is more than just a repository of websites for online gambling purposes. They also provide you with an unbiased review of the website, laying out the pros and cons as well as providing you with additional information regarding the legalities of placing online sports bets in Pennsylvania. They work hard to ensure that you get the best possible online sports betting experience possible.

So, if you are a resident of Pennsylvania and want to put a couple of dollars down on the outcome of this year's Super Bowl or any other sporting event around the world, visit today and discover what you've been missing. For more information regarding online sports betting in Pennsylvania or two browse through legitimate sports betting websites featured, please visit is the leading online resource for placing online sports bets in Pennsylvania. If you want to participate in sports betting in Pennsylvania, visit today.