New Smartphone App Built to Save Lives, Protect Teens

My911, the Android and Blackberry app, can automatically call an ambulance in case of a car accident, motorcycle accident, or even an elderly fall.

Online PR News – 19-August-2010 – – PROVO, UT—My911 uses crash-detection technology and GPS tracking in order to automatically notify an ambulance in accidents. The app also allows parents to track their kids’ location and speed, helping to protect and even spy on them.

My911 can not only call 911, but it can also call up to 5 other people. To all of these recipients, the phone relays the exact GPS location of the phone at the time of the incident. In order to be more versatile, the sensitivity level on the app can be adjusted so that only the severest of accidents will set it off, or it can be set so that even the slightest fall will set it off. Because you do not always want to call the police in case of a fall or an accident, the user can set the app so it waits a certain amount of time before it activates. During this time you can press a button to tell the phone it was a false alarm and it will not call or notify anyone.

It is not always easy to call 911 after a severe accident. In many cases, people become so injured and/or unaware that they cannot do such a simple task on their own. This is where automatically calling 911 can help. Let us not forget though, that automatic crash response is not a new idea, but putting it on a phone ensures that no matter what car is being driven, a friend’s or your own, you will always be able to take advantage of this service. This is potentially the most useful aspect of the app because it could save lives.

The app also lets users track the location and speed of others who have the app. For example, a parent can set the phone so that when their teenager’s phone reaches a certain speed, it automatically notifies the parent and gives the speed and location of their teen. This feature would be appealing to most concerned parents; they could easily find out if their teen is telling the truth when he/she says, “I’m going to the library to study.” So, it could be used as a clever way of improving parent awareness.

About My911, Inc.
My911, Inc. provides a single Smartphone application, making it their sole purpose to innovate, improve, and perfect one of the most useful apps of all time. The app is the least expensive of its kind and has received top reviews on both the Android and Blackberry app markets. For more information, please visit

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