Get the information on specific way of any business with our FBN and DBA services.

Instant Profiler can immediately add value to your business by allowing you to do fast and accurate checks on anyone. Corporations, insurance companies.

Online PR News – 30-January-2015 – Los Angeles/California – A number of times you may be faced with people or companies which come up with no records or where you know very little about them. Trying to find information about such people or companies may come up a blank , making it very risky to do business with them.

Instant profiler understand this and is ready to help you out with a number of tools on offer such as Bankruptcies, Corporate Records, FBN & DBA, Professional Licences, Tax Liens etc. all these search tools can help you get reliable and rapid information about any business or company saving you from fraud or any possible legal hassles. One of our tools FBN & DBA is designed to help you out in case you have very little or scant information about a company. The FBN stands for Fictitious Business Name and the DBA stands for doing business as. Both these tools will give you valuable information on the company profile and as to who owns the company. This will help you make clear and informed decisions about the owner of the company and in case the company has been involved in any fraudulent business transactions, tax evasions etc.

The information that is provided to you at Instant profiler is 100% accurate and legal and given out to you in a timely manner without hassle. Finding such information at any other source will be very difficult, costly, time consuming and there may be times when you will get either incomplete or inaccurate information. The FBN will get you information on the real company name after which you can get a complete record of the company profile including Bankruptcies, Corporate Records, , Professional Licences, Tax Liens and the DBA tool will get you information on the real business owner this again will help you get a complete profile of the person who is behing the business after which you can run a background check on the person to ensure that doing business with him and her is safe.

The high light of Instant profiler include the fact that it has over 30 different data points to get you the most accurate ,complete and up-to-date information, their search tools and services that are offered are wide and varied and you get all this information at a very reliable cost in a hassle free and timely manner. The team at Instant profiler understands that it cannot be easy and hiring public investigators or searching online can be both an expensive, time consuming activity. Most often you may not even get the complete information about the company or person involved. Instant profiler is the right place to be if you want information on the background, criminal records or any possible business frauds for a company or person.

The FBN and DBA services with instant profiler will help protect you against any possible fraud that any person or business any want to do with you.