Rated ETA Presents to Georgia's House of Representatives, Film and Post Production Study Committee

Last month Rated ETA presented to members of the House Film and Post Production Study Committee at SCAD in Savannah and the Atlanta Media Complex in Norcross.

Online PR News – 28-January-2015 – Atlanta, Georgia – Georgia passed House Bill 1601 and established a film and post production study committee to, "undertake a study of the conditions, needs, issues, and problems” relating to film and post production in the State of Georgia and to, "recommend any action or legislation which the committee deems necessary or appropriate."

The meetings provided an opportunity for the Committee to hear from selected leaders in Georgia’s Television, Film, and Gaming industries and to consider proactive recommendations to improve or add legislation and continue the expansion of the State’s initiatives. Rated ETA was selected to present at both meeting locations and delivered several recommendations.

recommend any action or legislation which the committee deems necessary or appropriate.

1. Rated ETA recommended tying tax credits to compliance with Georgia Law, specifically Georgia’s permits and professional licensing requirements. The State of Georgia offers significant tax incentives, up to thirty percent, to qualifying productions, and tax dollars should not be used to reimburse production companies for activity that violates Georgia law. Georgia legislation should mandate compliance, and production companies should ensure set safety by verifying required permitting and professional licensing prior to filming.

2. Rated ETA recommended adding language requiring a percentage of casting and auditioning to be conducted in Georgia for those productions receiving tax incentives. "When the majority of casting and auditioning is being conducted out of state for productions being filmed in Georgia, then the majority of talent will be selected from out of state. Developing local resources through the auditioning process provides more jobs for Georgia’s talent and keeps more money in the local economy," said Rated ETA’s Spokesman Stan Houston, who played Sheriff Jim Clark in the movie, "Selma," receiving an Academy Award Nomination for Best Picture.

3. Rated ETA recommended adding a provision in legislation allowing children to be excused for up to five days per school year for working on qualifying TV and Film productions. California provides such a provision. Today, Georgia does not permit students to make up any work or tests for missing school to participate in a TV or Film production. Rated ETA supports the development and training of Georgia’s young actors and supports efforts to bring children friendly productions to the State.

Rated ETA delivered strong recommendations to the committee with an emphasis to Leverage and Employ Georgia, LEG™. "Getting a leg up on our competition means providing equal opportunity for Georgia’s cast, crew, and background actors. Getting a leg up on our competition means establishing forward thinking legislation to ensure the law applies equally throughout the State, and out of state resources do not have a competitive advantage over local resources. Getting a leg up on our competition is a commitment to developing talent of all ages for tomorrow’s opportunities," said Rated ETA’s Senior Partner, David Griffith.

Rated ETA is an industry leader in the development and utilization of talent for the entertainment industry. With a new platform launching Q1 of 2015, Rated ETA’s proprietary technology matches an individual’s attributes, training and experience with specific requirements for Film and Television Production making it easy to save time and make money.