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Legal Sports Betting in the US

Sports betting online has something of a reputation. In the recent past, it was completely illegal, but not so anymore. While most states in the US do not have legal online sports betting options, there are numerous non-US offshore sites that fit the bill. These sites fill a really big need in the world of sports betting.

Sports betting sites need to be coming from a legitimate and industry-recognized locale. Some are located in Canada, several are in the UK, and there are quite a few more in other areas. Those governments where sports betting is offered, license and certify only qualified virtual bookmakers to offer sports betting, and this is done through legal online sportsbooks.

In this way, anyone from the United States - or anywhere else for that matter - is able to place a variety of bets on all major national and international sports leagues. Some even support betting on some minor sports as well. provides vital information to Missouri residents about these legal sportsbooks to help players find what they need to participate at their chosen level and sport. This site has gathered a lot of information together in one place in order to become the number one online resource for online sports betting to help players determine how to go about being able to bet on American sports and athletes. It is important to know and understand the laws around sports betting, so Sports Betting in Missouri has outlined the most important facts about sports betting laws in this one place.

The main consideration is whether or not the sports book is based in a legitimate and industry-recognized locale, as mentioned above. Since Sports Betting in Missouri is crafted and maintained by avid sports fans themselves, you can be sure you are getting up-to-date information you can rely on. Sports Betting in Missouri lists the top online sportsbooks available that are all competing for the bettor-business. These are the ones who offer the best rates and actually pay bonus money when clients open and fund accounts. The best bookmakers will add 25% to 50% to an initial player's deposit, and will often offer special promotions and incentives that are generally ongoing.

Legal online sports books also offer live betting options - bets that can be place while the action is happening. This feature guarantees players added levels of excitement and reward. There are numerous reasons to visit Sports Betting in Missouri to learn about legal sports betting, but probably the most important is their information about betting laws. While there are legitimate sports betting in the U.S., it comes with all kinds of restrictions. It's really important to be aware of what's out there so you stay on the right side of the law while betting on US sports.

So, if you live in Missouri and are ready to put some money down on a sporting event, take a look at today and enjoy some of the hottest sports betting action out there. For more information, please visit offers those in Missouri the opportunity to participate in legal online sports betting. If you like to participate in sports betting in Missouri, then you need