A new free first person shooter game for the PC released

A new game, still in alpha, has been released for the PC (Personal Computer) platform by Ivan Dodic.

Online PR News – 30-January-2015 – Belgrade Serbia – Robox Invasion is a new first person shooter (FPS) for PC in which the main character struggles to survive against hordes of alien invaders teamed up with zombies. The goal of the game is to ensure that the character can survive for as long as possible.

Robox Invasion has been released and is available for free download for the personal computer as an alpha version by its author, Ivan Dodic. That means that the game is still in development and some new features are to follow such as a website login system where players may be able to store game scores and receive achievements.

Ivan Dodic is a video game enthusiast with experience of working with online game publishers in the roles of community management, testing, and marketing. With this free product, he wanted to "give back" to the gaming community while putting his own skills to a challenge and learning elements of game development.