Steven Van Nguyen Plans for the Future After Starring in the Film 'The White Samurai'

Actor and Model Steven Van Nguyen opens up about what is next for him in the entertainment industry after starring in the film "The White Samurai."

Online PR News – 28-January-2015 – Los Angeles, CA – Successful Canadian actor and model Steven Van Nguyen recently starred in the action-packed film "The White Samurai," which is slated to premiere later this year. The film's creators are currently in talks with the geniuses behind Toronto Comicon as an event venue for the film's premiere, however according to Nguyen nothing is set in stone just yet.

Produced by Gorgeous Horror Entertainment and D.B. Films, "The White Samurai" brings to life a parent's struggle to do what's right for his family, even if it means using violent tactics to defend them in the face of evil. After his daughter is kidnapped from his home in the dead of night the White Samurai is forced to break his oath to live a life without violence and walk the path of the samurai once again. In the film Steven Van Nguyen plays the role of the relentlessly sadistic Demon who stands between the White Samurai and his beloved daughter.

About working with Nguyen, Chad Snider, the producer of the film, says, "He was very easy to direct and not surprisingly he was a natural in front of the camera. He has one of those great attitudes with confidence and positive energy that inspire others around him and make him a pleasure to work with."

Nguyen admits playing the role of the Demon has been one of his favorite roles to date due to the fact that he was decked out in heavy prosthetic make-up, which allowed him to display his acting chops without being judged by his good looks. Considering his successful modeling career it is not surprising that when it comes to acting he is passionate about being chosen for roles that allow him to show his talents rather than just his captivating aesthetics. Having trained with internationally respected coaches Suzanne Bastien, Marvin Hinz, Gloria Mann, Barbara Worthy, Kelly Daniels and Rick Reed, Nguyen has dedicated himself to perfecting his craft as an actor. He also honed his skills in improv-based sketch comedy at The Second City, a venue that has turned out world-renowned actors John Candy, Chris Farley, Tina Fey and Amy Sedaris, and has been referred to as “A Comedy Empire” by the New York Times.

The White Samurai

Last year Nguyen put his talents as a comedy actor on display in the show "The Amazing Gayl Pile" where he starred as the product spokesman alongside Gemini Award winning actors Morgan Waters and Andy King. Nguyen has made it a point to show diversity in the roles he takes on, saying, "I choose roles that offer me a challenge and take me out of my comfort zone as an actor, for example playing the Demon in The White Samurai or improvising everything like I did on The Amazing Gayl Pile."

Some of Steven Van Nguyen's other films include "Deception," "M.E.G.O," "Checkmate" and "Cheese the Musical," as well as the Web series "UNDERside" and "Haphead."

Nguyen also starred in the documentary film "Project Gelb," which aired nationwide across Canada on Bell TV. The documentary sought to debunk stereotypes about Asian males, a subject that Nguyen is deeply passionate about. "Project Gelb" director Francis Luta says, "[Steven] was a delight to work with on the documentary Project Gelb with his high energy and an “I’ll do what it takes” type of attitude. He was a key contributor that represented a younger demographic with a fresh point-of-view on the subject matter."

As a model Steven Van Nguyen rose to fame after winning first place in the Commercial Print category at the International Model and Talent Association Competition in 2013. Since winning the sought after award, Nguyen went on to be featured in several magazines including Boss, Atomic Poison, LouLou and FrameInn among others. The combination of Nguyen's jaw dropping good looks, natural grace on camera and contagious personality has also led him to be tapped as a featured actor and model in an impressive list of television commercials for brands including Emoteplay, Clipter, Voxx Sports, Emerald City Condos, Mani Wonders, Tim Horton's and others.

Co-founder of Mani Wonders Vy Maniam says, "It is quite rare to come across a model who takes their work seriously but all the while is equally playful, easy-going, and energetic. Steven is that kind of person - it's his carefree, innocent nature that I believe allows him to execute and deliver a very natural and confident result."

Nguyen is also slated to finish up the final takes on a commercial for OCMT College, which will air nationwide on Canada’s OMNI TV, as well as three print campaigns for Zeus Supplements, Pyramid Pizza and Lucid Juice.

Minder Chhokar, the Owner of Zeus Supplements, says, "Steven is a dedicated and talented model who is an example to follow. He has shown that it doesn’t matter what your ethnic background or age is through hard work you can achieve your dreams. Steven working twice a day everyday just shows how committed he is to his job as our sponsored fitness model."

Over the course of his career Steven Van Nguyen has proven he is not only a diversely talented actor, but a highly sought after model as well. He has also used his talents and fame to benefit humanity on various occasions including working as a runway model in a fashion show to raise funding for the Linda Evangelista - Bryan Adams Breast Screening Centre, and again with Atoms of Fashion to raise money for sickle cell research in Canada.

Nguyen is currently represented in the Canadian market by Geoffrey Chapman Model and Talent Agency, and Femme Fatale; and, he is also currently in negotiations with Talent INK, MoonStar Management and Plaza 7 Talent for representation in the United States.