Anguilla Fashion Expo 2015

The Anguilla fashion expo is a regional 3-day event open to all the Islands of The Caribbean to network and learn the emerging trends in the fashion industry.

Online PR News – 27-January-2015 – The Valley Anguilla – We have so much to offer from our cultural festivals with diverse activities offered that would be of interest to people coming from within the region and worldwide. In the Caribbean, we love to fête and party creating opportunities for jollification and celebrations. So why not put the spotlight on showcasing our Anguillian style arts, culture and music?

The arts include a multitude of subjects, such as fashion and this is what I will focus on in this print media piece. I would personally like to encourage our local artistes, musicians, models and fashionistas to participate in the Anguilla Fashion Expo 2015. Whether you’re interested in modelling, playing musical instruments, marketing your fashion and jewellery wares or you just like to look and shop, there is an opportunity for all to join in this fashion extravaganza on Anguilla.

Positive branding and image
Anguilla’s branding and image are important factors that determine where tourists choose to spend their holiday time. When we create positive, full-joy brands and images, we also inspire our selves to uphold them. Why not use the Anguilla Fashion Expo to give us an opportunity to show our Anguillian brand, style and image to the Caribbean region and rest of the world?

For those of you who love fashion, design, photography, and beauty, the Anguilla Fashion Expo is a marvellous opportunity to combine all of these aspects in the “Tranquillity Wrapped in Blue” Caribbean Sea. The event encompasses beautiful fashion and beautiful people in a beautiful place. People will come to experience the gorgeous sights and vibrancy of the fashion industry that are captured in this region and from other parts of the world.

Invitation to view fashion in paradise
Everyone is invited to attend one of the premier fashion expositions in the Caribbean region. You will be given a chance to meet the fashion industry’s professionals in an intimate setting surrounded by white powdery sand beaches and healing crystal clear, aquamarine water. This year’s settings will be spectacular Rendezvous Bay Beach near the casually chic West Indian style Anguilla Great House Beach Hotel and the intimately secluded, elegant Paradise Cove Boutique Hotel on the Cove Road, West End.

Anguilla Fashion Expo participants will mingle with experts who have worked in the big fashion houses of Europe and North America, as well as in smaller entrepreneurial enterprises in the colourful and diverse islands of the Caribbean. From the lush greenness, fresh flowing water and mountain peaks to the rocky limestone, coral based islands, we invite the many nationalities of  “all a’ we” to join us as one people creating dreams of fashion and artistry at the second Anguilla Fashion Expo 2015.

The exposition is fast becoming an annual event for the Anguillian arts and culture calendar, adding to other more established events such as Summer Festival, Festival del Mar, Welches Festival, Anguilla Lit Fest, and Moonsplash Festival. “Feeling is Believing” and we want everyone who attends to have this experience tasting what the wider Caribbean has to offer and what we in the Leeward Islands specialise in, friendly smiles and warm hospitality.

Join us for 2-days of creative energy, empowering young people to diversify their multi-talents, and fuelling sustainable economic development to enhance the growth of our local economy as well as worldwide economies. Individuals interested in modelling may participate by invitation only in an evening of private classes studying the fashion industry with well-known fashion designers, professors and coaches. Create a networking niche with models, photographers and other emerging persons in the field of fashion.
See with your own eyes what are the latest and greatest in trendy fashion designs throughout the global market. Get an edge on your competitive game, learn what’s up and coming, and gain a wealth of expertise in the fashion industry. Don’t miss your chance to be one of the inner circle members in an elite fashion venue. Register today for the Anguilla Fashion Expo 2015 scheduled from Friday evening, 27 February to early Monday morning, 2 March 2015.
Join Anguilla’s arts, music and culture festival
This year’s Anguilla Fashion Expo Regional Runway Show will be held in a beautifully luxurious, intimate setting at Paradise Cove. It has also been the venue for the past three years of the annual Anguilla Lit Fest. Come see fabulous fashions, listen to rockin' musical vibes, and celebrate the winter with fun in the sun.
At the Anguilla Fashion Expo Beach Party and Marketplace on Sunday, March 1st, there will be live music from various local and regional artists for 16 hours. It’s going to be an “all day into the wee hours of the morning” fête. The venue at Rendezvous Bay Beach near Anguilla Great House will have vendors with scrumptious local food, tantalizing local wines, locally handmade trinkets, and sundry items for everyone to enjoy. Your taste buds will be treated to gastronomic culinary pleasures. You’ll even be tempted to dig into your pockets to buy some arm candy or a variety of accessories to add to your wardrobe, decorate your place of residence or give as a gift.

If you miss this fashion exposition, your Anguilla social calendar will be missing an important event. So mark the dates listed below, commit to paying any registration or other fees, book your flights and accommodations if you’re coming from off island, and don’t forget to show up at the scheduled venues.

Anguilla Fashion Expo Private Classes
(By invitation only for models)
Friday, 27 February 2015
19:00 hours (7:00 PM)
Venue: La Vue on Back Street, South Hill (tentatively)

Anguilla Fashion Expo Regional Runway Show
Saturday, 28 February 2015
18:00 hours (6:00 PM)
Venue: Paradise Cove on Cove Road, West End

Anguilla Fashion Expo Beach Party & Marketplace
Sunday, 1 March 2015 to Monday, 2 March 2015
09:00-02:00 hours (9:00 AM to 2:00 AM)
Venue: on the beach near Anguilla Great House, Rendezvous Bay

We invite all fashion designers, models, fashionistas, musicians, photographers, vendors, media/marketing/PR reps, and guests to come on out to the Anguilla Fashion Expo 2015. Vendors will be selling fashion ware and local cuisine. Local and regional media houses will cover the event. Carib Vision has agreed to film and televise the exposition and will provide regional media coverage.

For further details, please visit the Facebook social media web site and search for Anguilla Fashion Expo or go directly to the link Please contact Mr Josveek Huligar of Anguilla Access to register or express your interest in participating. Email or telephone mobile number 264 772 9827.

“All a’ we” must incorporate the arts, culture and music as a part of our daily lives. Doing so will help us to maintain positive and uplifting vibrations to change and be the instruments of change that we envision, desiring whatever is possible to move our selves and our nation forward. May God’s divine grace continue to encourage us to be creative showcasing our multiple talents and gifts, not only for our selves, but also to the whole wide world!