Offers A Glimpse Into Healthy Yet Easy Vegetarian Recipes
01/27/2015 shows great vegetarian food in Dubai and abroad. This is created to review food and dining experiences from a vegetarian perspective.

Online PR News – 27-January-2015 – Dubai – 27 January, 2015, PLACE: Food is the ultimate delight for the mankind. Mother Nature has bestowed upon us an endless diversity of fooding options, flavors and tastes and we have developed our appeal according to our needs and fancies of course. The ‘food’ is so intrinsic a factor of life itself that we devote a significant part of our life in maintaining and enhancing our cuisines throughout our lives.

Moreover, it is a legacy that is handed over from one generation to the other and the latter fancies it to carry it forward with fanfare. Amid all the diversity, the world has drawn a distinct line as between the vegetarian and non vegetarian foods; while the majority of takers is non vegetarian, a minority prefers to remain vegetarian on one pretext or the other. tracks the evolving vegetarian perspectives and associated cuisine genres across different continents, bringing to notice some exclusive yet delightful vegetarian food recipes.

The appeal of the vegetarian food in spite of being limited is a potent and stationary one throughout the world. That is why even the cosmopolitan hubs of the world have a definite concentration of the veggie servers. It should always be remembered that vegetarian food as a choice is never a ‘no go’ turf for the non vegetarian eaters that are spread as the jubilant community throughout the world. The very first appeal is from the non veg community itself as in most of such communities the meaty meals are limited to the feasty weekends or eating outs or occasioned celebrations; seldom do we find a daily engrossing!

These communities have continued their non veg appeal & innovations as a definite complement in their lives. Second appeal is from the conservative social sections who wish to go veg along the cause of spirituality and religious beliefs that they profess. They are the staunch all time veg community on the earth. has taken up definite lead in finding out that what innovations are being brewed in these two communities as for their veg cuisines that are potent in both of them!

A spokesperson of the along the sidelines of hospitality seminar - ‘Evolving Vegetarian Fooding around the World’ said, “ has tracked a definite veg fanfare and enthusiasm that is new and built almost as a celebration! Our web pages are an initiative to offer a glimpse of the same. We have always tried to include a cheerful contribution by the foodies like us by allowing them to send in their thoughts and perspectives on the veg food. No wonder ours is a destination that offers iconic as also some easy vegetarian recipes for you.” is a destination where one can find the veg options from multiple perspectives and in different novel orientations. The site actually is an effort that aims to build up a global veg talk where people can come, have a peep into what is being offered at the veg desks and then themselves contribute their lively veg Fooding genes that have been either nurtured by them or discovered by them sometime, somewhere. This web place has achieved high popularity with inputs being received actionable.

The spokesperson of also stated at the seminar saying, “ has invited a new dimension of the healthy aspects of the vegetarian food. Enthusiasts as also nutritionists have come in to leave their thoughts and objective write ups on our web page. Some renowned chefs from the vegetarian restaurants in Dubai and India have also expressed their views. We would continue with a more veg celebration.” is emerging into a lively meal talk in the veg segment. To know more of emerging veg Fooding perspectives and recipes, visit the interactive online portal at .